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BMW 5 series starts Economy Business Class 2018-2019

The family of hybrid cars VMW popolnenie.Bylo is declared that next year the market will a model of the BMW 5 Series Activ Hybrid 2018-2019, which will fight for a cleaner environment and ekonomichnost.Na Geneva Motor Show prototype was exhibited even in two years it took  2018-2019 godu.Okolo the creation of the production model.

At first glance, the new model is not very different from the top posledney.Po many will look for signs that tell what is a hybrid car engine under the hood.
Also innovation are 17-inch diski.Net differences in dizayne.Dvigatel mounted on the vehicle, is unikalnym.3-liter petrol engine capacity of 306 L.S.S torque 400 HM.Dva times awarded the prize “Best Engine of the Year”.

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