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BMW 5-Series 2018-2019 7 generation – saving tradition

In October this year, the legendary German car company introduced the world nova version of the BMW 5-Series. Bavarian seventh generation sedan has exceeded all conceivable media expectations. Is a new sample of the ideal vehicle, retaining the traditional, all the hot favorite features of the BMW.

The new BMW 5 2018-2019, 7th generation

The modern design of the Bavarian BMW 5 2018-2019

The development of the body involved in the design studio Design BMW Automobiles, which is headed by a well-known avtodizayner Karim Habib. Looking for a car in the profile, you can easily guess the family traits, and the family resemblance with the seventh series of G11 and G12. Stylish, almost sporty silhouette of a sedan is not devoid of elegance and solidity.

BMW 5 2018-2019, front view

The perfect body proportions give a more dynamic profile. Like all cars of BMW, BMW 5 in the new body has the characteristic fake grille and air intakes located on the front bumper. The rear rack is present characteristic Hofmeister kink. LED headlamps look stylish and neat compared to the powerful and bright marker lights.

BMW 5 Series 2018-2019 – side view

Completes all a rear bumper with hidden exhaust pipes allocated to the region. Manufacturers should consider four variants forms of nozzles: round, rectangular, trapezoidal and double. The wheels are decorated with light-alloy wheels made in 20 variations to suit all tastes.

Buyers have a choice and relative to the outer finish. Bavarian sedan offers a new generation of options to choose from: Luxury Line, Sport Line and the most incomparable – M Sport.

BMW 5 7th generation behind

Saloon BMW 5 2018-2019 – sporty in a classic suit

Outside, the sedan has a representative classic look, which is not about interior design. Saloon BMW 5 showed a pronounced sporty image, not without sophistication premium. Each element is made at the highest level of ergonomic, allowing you to fully enjoy the comfort.

news dashboard

The combination of artificial and natural leather with inserts of precious wood and carbon fiber give the image of perfection. All the colors, shades and textures are a true masterpiece of the automotive industry.

Dimensions 7 generations, the biggest “five”

By all criteria seventh generation sedan – a new body became more than their younger brothers. The model has become wider, taller and longer than its predecessors. Now:

  • Vehicle length is 4935 mm,
  • height – 1466 mm,
  • and the width – 1868 mm.

Bavarian engineers managed to lighten the overall weight of the vehicle by more than 100 kilograms. This “trick” was able to realize by replacing the production of material of some details. Ultra lightweight and durable aluminum replaced steel in the production of the hood, roof, doors, boot lid, brackets and rear spars.

Also, it has participated in a new lightweight platform and a brake system. Now diesel sedan version is only 1500 kg, and gasoline falls short of 1615 only if the human presence in the cabin and a full fuel tank.

the trunk of the new BMW 5 2018-2019

Trunk volume has grown to 530 kg compared with the previous generation. You can get more space by removing the back of the separation of the second row of seats, if desired.

Components of the new BMW 5 2018-2019

Much attention has been paid to the electronics. The Bavarians have adapted and have built a variety of modern multimedia systems. At the center of it all is the chief head-up display. It features built-in navigation and climate control. Diagonal color screen with the ConnectedDrive system is as much as 10.25 inches with a resolution 800h400 pixels. It easily supports Apple Car Play, and LTE creates a Wi-Fi zone and provides access to it.

Besides the Internet, the passengers are provided facilities such as displays on backside of the front seats. Light is provided by LED interior ambient optics, which is also regulated through ConnectedDrive.

For the driver and passenger of the first row provides several benefits: powered chair using touch keys, ventilation and heated seats. Also, for an additional fee you can set the function of vibratory massage.

The main technological pride of the seventh generation of the BMW 5 review was the circular system Remote 3D View. With the help of the owner may inspect the area around the vehicle directly from your smartphone. As the eldest of seven, the fifth sedan is equipped with a program of car parking through a smartphone.

Specifications BMW 5 2018-2019

Metal alloy body corresponds to the old traditions of the company. High-strength steel frame is manufactured without the use of expensive composite materials. Among the many technical characteristics housing, primarily allocated one incredible breakthrough. The new sedan was awarded the best indicator of the aerodynamic drag – just 0.22 Cx. Improved kinematics system front and rear suspensions.

BMW 5-Series is the first owner of a first-class system modified suppressions banks. Stabilizers steel controlled electromechanical drive. Established conventional and adaptive dampers, which work together seamlessly. Full and rear actuators, thrusters rear axle wheels, reliable disc brakes and power steering complement the extensive list of car advantages.

As befits a modern company, manufacturer BMW provided several types of engines for this model sedan. The buyer can choose between petrol and diesel engines, and later in the range will be hybrid versions, operating mainly on electricity.

Gasoline engines:

– 530i liter of fuel consumption with 5.4 to 5.7 liter, depending on the type of drive. 249 “horses” scatter the sedan to 100 km in 6.2 seconds.

– Three-liter 540i engine accelerates in 5.4 seconds, and in the version of xDrive in just 4.8 seconds. Fuel consumption is naturally increased to 6.5 – 6.7 liters at 340 hp

– 4.4-liter engine M550i xDrive has the character of a sports car. His best result – 100 km / h in 4 seconds. 462 Horse “eat” almost nine liters.

Diesel engines:

– BMW 520d and Efficient Dynamics Edition. Both options have a two-liter engine with a power of 190 hp The first accelerates to 10 km / h in 7.6 – 7.7 seconds, while the second “shoots” in 7.5 seconds. As fuel consumption is also a difference. 520d spends about 4.2 liters of diesel fuel and Efficient Dynamics Edition requires no more than 4 liters. 100 kilometers.
– The volume of diesel 530d is equal to three liters and 249 hp power This “kid” accelerates in 5.4 – 5.7 seconds to 100 kilometers, spending only four and a half liters of fuel.

Officially, the car will be launched in February next year. Four engine options will be available at the time of first sale: petrol (530i, 540i) and diesel (520d, 530d).

The new BMW 5 2018-2019 price

Modification Price Engine Box Drive unit
520d 2760000 Diesel 2.0L 190 hp Article 8. AKP rear
520d xDrive 2 900 000 Diesel 2.0L 190 hp Article 8. AKP full
530i 2 990 000 249 hp 2.0L gasoline Article 8. AKP rear
530i xDrive 3130000 249 hp 2.0L gasoline Article 8. AKP full
530d xDrive 3 600 000 Diesel 3.0L 249 hp Article 8. AKP full
540i xDrive 3 600 000 gasoline 3.0L 340 hp Article 8. AKP full
M550i xDrive 5 100 000 462 hp 4.4L gasoline Article 8. AKP full

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