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BMW 3-Series Active HYbrid3 2018-2019

In the autumn of next year is going to complement the BMW 2018-2019 model range of the 3 Series Active HYbrid3 option.
In principle, this 335i with 306-strong row “Six”, plus a 54-hp electric motor.
Last is located in an 8-speed gearbox and increases system capacity up to 340 hp
To provide space for the battery pack, the boot capacity reduced from 480 to 390 liters.
Average fuel consumption of the new European cycle, according to BMW, is 6.4 liters.
On public parking lots, underground garages and on short distances full hybrid can be driven by only the electric motor.

The fight for the title of the most noble model of the middle class goes to a new level: 3 Series BMW continues to grow, and Audi is entering the battle for the same customers, modernizing its aging A4.
This can be called a classic hostile campaign: just a week after BMW proudly presented the world community a new “troika», Audi Strikes Back your A4.
Of course not, this is a well-planned diversionary tactic, which should deprive Munich opportunity alone to enjoy the show.
Eye for an Eye: two longtime rival any in no way inferior to each other.

But the car from Ingolstadt, publicly advertised as new, in fact, just the loud remark.
Even the press release says that Audi just remade a number of constructive A4.
That is, we are dealing with a typical facelift, because this model is no change proposed for the past four years.
Nevertheless, the A4 has been good prospects.
But since BMW releases on stage the latest model, Audi is forced to act quickly.
Stars, too, grow old, but modern surgeons, engineers can always offer Botox and a few small interventions in the internal organs.
But whether this will be enough to stand up to the 3-series?
After releasing the F30 on the market, BMW does offer a new car.

Since 1975, this is the sixth generation of middle-class sedan.
Unfortunately, BMW, too, could not resist the general tendency to add a few centimeters to the outer length at each change of generation.
Thus, the third series has increased from 4.53 to 4.62 m, which allows passengers to rear a little more space for knees and head.
But compactness – the same dignity.
Audi A4 puts on 4.70 m, and in a narrow niche or a small parking garage may have become an annoying inconvenience.

Both cars axes are spaced 2.81 m apart, so shorter trumps BMW smaller overhangs that should benefit its appearance and driving dynamics.
Most significantly modified in A4 headlights.
Instead aggressive day LEDs here as dots, as at A6 mounted lamps, forming a narrow band.
The area of ​​the lens headlamps will remain open, however, as before, xenon requires a co-pay.
On the rear lights are now also dominated by homogeneous LED Strip instead of catchy individual lamps.
On “three” lighting devices are very similar.
But BMW, of course, remains true to the typical ring-crowns.
And in the rearview mirror, and rear – in the dark, Audi can immediately be distinguished from BMW.
But what it is: the A4, A6 and A8?
3rd, 5th or 7th series?

Both brands of external models are increasingly converging.
Inside the A4 virtually no changes.
Along with the new chrome accents and wooden décor Audi optimized ventilation seat.
Now, this process can be controlled by touch buttons.
Advantages for Audi MMI systems and iDrive in the BMW in the future will remain a matter of taste.
Both require getting used to, but then complications arise.
Slightly larger differences between the A4 and the third series is found in drive technology.
Audi, as a rule, uses a front-wheel drive, BMW – back.
With regard to the transmission of these brands also follow different philosophies.
Mechanical switch with six gears is available as A4, as well as for the “troika”.
If you select automatic, then Audi is accessible either stepless CVT (Multitronic), or a 7-speed gear set with a dual-clutch (S-tronic) for a more powerful four-wheel drive versions.
But BMW and the “troika” had the courage to 8-speed automatic transmission with torque converter from ZF.
It is available for all engines as standard and is equipped with start-stop function.
With regard to the effectiveness of the lead BMW – at least on paper.

For 320d EfficentDynamics Edition Bayern promise a fabulous setting in 4.1 liters of diesel per 100 km.
Thus, the 163-horsepower sedan emits 109 g / km CO 2.
Flow King in Audi A4 2.0 TDI, his 136 forces and, according to factory data, the 4.2 liter (CO 2 112 g / km).
In the field of hybrids BMW is also trying to beat Audi.
Active HYbrid3 is based on the 335i platform, and system capacity of 340 forces.
It should complement the model range soon after the usual “three”.
A proposal from Ingolstadt at the moment is not yet in sight.
But things can change quickly.
The first test will show whether the refreshed A4 something more than just a hostile campaign.

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