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Bentley Flying Spur Speed

Bentley Flying Spur Speed ​​- looks very impressive.
Although it belongs to the family of Continental, the length of its wheelbase a foot longer than the coupe Continental GT.
Radiator grille and bumpers have undergone minor changes.
Inside, a feature version of Bentley Flying Spur Speed ​​emphasizes the sporty design of the steering wheel and pedals.
And still finish aluminum gear lever.
All seats in the Bentley Flying Spur Speed ​​are equipped with massage function with multiple modes.

Regardless of the seat settings can be adjusted to the height of the seat belt itself.
The car of this class is not designed for what would go back more than two passengers.
Although the basic version of the rear sofa holistic, however, in the majority of machines made to order, the back of the space is divided to two passengers.
Cars class “luxury” differ scrupulous attitude towards comfort.
For example, a special automatic blinds on the rear window to protect from prying sunlight.
Each seat in the Bentley Flying Spur Speed ​​is heated individually.

The temperature of the air, too, can be adjusted separately for each passenger, thanks to 4-zone climate control.
The volume of the luggage compartment is 475 liters, it was designed so that there are placed 4 bags of golf clubs.
For the machine offers an impressive range of body colors, it became more and interior design options.
Significant design unlike Bentley Flying Spur Speed ​​- diamond-shaped design of the seats and door panels.

The car is equipped with two batteries if discharged primary, then come to the aid reserve.
The driver has the ability to simply change the course of the air suspension stiffness in the range of “comfort” to “sport”, as well as to adjust the ride height.
Bentley Flying Spur Speed ​​is equipped with W-shaped 6-liter petrol engine to 610 horsepower.
Thanks to the two turbines, which operate at different speeds, maximum thrust of 750 Nm makes itself felt already at 2 -x thousands revs.
Therefore, auto, length of more than 5-ti meters and weighing more than 2 tons of -x, gaining first “hundred” less than 5 seconds.

Bentley Flying Spur Speed ​​- the fastest 4 -door British car, it can accelerate to a speed of 312 km / h.
In this case, no extra whistles ear you will not hear, insulation is very high.
The tank car is able to take 90 liters of fuel.
According to the specifications on the highway consumption is 11 liters of petrol per 100 km, and in the city of 25 liters.
The price for Bentley Flying Spur Speed ​​begins with the 176-ti thousand dollars.

Technical indicators Bentley Flying Spur Speed.

* The length of the car – 5290 mm.

* The width of the car – 1916 mm.

* Vehicle height – 1465 mm.

* Wheelbase – 3065 mm.

* Curb weight – 2475 kg.

* Engine capacity – 5998 cm / cu.

* Maximum power – 610 hp at 6100 rev / min.

* Torque – 750 Nm at 2000 rev / min.

* The maximum speed – 312 km / h.

* Transmission – automatic «Tiptronic».

* Drive – complete.

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