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Available crossover 2018-2019 Renault Duster

2018-2019 Renault Duster – claims to be one of the most accessible and popular crossovers, as stated in the price range of the car is simply no competition.
Other polnoprivodniki European class are significantly more expensive.
Although, it is still necessary to note that the starting price of 16,500 dollars – for the basic package, which includes only the necessary minimum.
But, regardless of the configuration, 2018-2019 Renault Duster does not change the appearance.
Clearly, if the buyer does not wish to decorate the car with additional accessories such as chrome sill or a tubular front protection made of stainless steel.
The design meets all the standards of a typical SUV: high ground clearance, short overhangs and massive wheel arches.

Significance and charm add optional plastic protective elements, which protect the body from contact with the branches.
2018-2019 Renault Duster dimensions allow it to compete with experienced players in the crossover market.
Height – 1690 mm, width – 1620 mm, and length – 4316 mm.
The wheelbase is the largest in the class, and it ensures stability of the vehicle and the space in the cabin.
It is understood that the exterior design of each evaluates to your taste, but the fact that 2018-2019 Renault Duster get the original – an indisputable fact.
In addition, designers have refused to go on about the fashion trends and awarded biodesign crossover chopped brutal forms.
A solid image had no effect on the dynamic characteristics of the car.
All-wheel drive version of the Duster monoprivodnom and can be distinguished by the front optics, at first the lower part of darkened headlights, and the second – completely transparent.

The overall picture in the interior design can be characterized as rational minimalism.
The designers sought to create a universal version that will satisfy everyone.
Additional decorative elements – several inserts which imitate wood and metal.
With regard to upholstery materials, then on the torpedo is a classic plastic and the seats – a quality fabric, understated colors.
Duster has a few of its own chips, to which the driver, never had affairs with models such as Sandero or Logane, will have to get used to.
For example, to beep, press the button, which is crowned by the left-hand stalk switch.
But the inclusion of “janitors” comes right arm switching is not as usual – up, and vice versa – down.
Front button is responsible for the trip computer.
Buttons Power Control are located on the center console.
Landing in high Duster and with good visibility.

The car is quite large luggage compartment475 liters.
However, if that is not enough, you can fold the rear seatbacks, then the amount will exceed 1 600 liters.
It should also be noted that in the base of the sofa backrest is lowered only completely.
Transformation of 60 to 40 is only offered as an option.
Generally, Reno ruthlessly expunged from picking all that in their view is not too important, offering customers a minimum set for comfort.
Standard equipment includes driver’s airbag, power steering, immobilizer, case protection, Stone Chip coating, anti-corrosion treatment of the body and steel wheels.
Electrical and air conditioning are on the list of more expensive models.
System 4 for 4 with an electromagnetic clutch in the center, is well-known to fans of off-road vehicles.
The center differential lock can be trusted electronics, including Auto mode.
In this case, the machine itself will decide when to use the rear wheels.
If you select 4WD, you will have all-wheel drive crossover with an equal distribution of torque between the axles.
However, if long drive ahead on the asphalt, you can turn on 2WD, will lead the front axle, with fuel consumption of the car will be more moderate.

Among the advantages of off-road 2018-2019 Renault Duster – located high in the air intake point of the engine, it is dictated by the height of the ford, which the machine will pass easily 210 mm ground clearance, too, more than enough to conquer the terrain..
Duster Ruler powertrain consists of two engines: gasoline, a volume of 1.6 liters and output of 102 hp.
and turbodiesel 1.5-liter volume and 85 hp.
Transmission only mechanical in monoprivodnom versions – 5 -speed, in the all-wheel drive – 6 speeds.
It is worth noting economical engines.
Petrol – for all-wheel drive Duster shows figures of 7.9 liters per 100 km in the combined cycle.
The diesel consumes only 5.3 liters per 100 km.
On special attention deserves a suspension in the car, it is different for mono and all-wheel drive versions.
In both cases, the front is “McPherson” on rectangular arms with stabilizer bars.
But behind the model with the front drive wheels – twist beam with programmed algorithm.
The all-wheel drive versions – a Multifinger “McPherson”.
If you do not bother the technical details and easier to describe the ergonomics of the suspension, the potholes and pits, before which cars instantly slow down, Daster «swallows” with a good appetite.
Steering is different exigencies that the other side has a positive impact when the car drives off the asphalt.

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