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Audi Urban Concept

The most radical concept – karom over the past ten years is the Audi Urban Concept.
He is both similar and convertible, and the city’s compact car, and even on a racing car.
Audi Urban features, hidden inside the machine, double-wishbone with shock absorbers.
Life is getting better.
Here, the designers, of course, right.
Though on racing cars in the city “Surfing”.

Experimental monocoque constitutes the basis of the body.
The monocoque is made of carbon fiber and aluminum.
This car weighs 480 kg.
This alone battery weighs 90 kg.
Other movable roof panel is made of a carbon fiber.

Slides not even the roof, but only the front part of the setup: good weather – discovered a bad – shut.
There is a large folding mechanism, like a convertible.
The sliding part is fixed in the rear position.
Tacking the transport stream is much easier in a narrow vehicle.
The Audi Urban passenger seat back is shifted in the longitudinal direction by 300 mm.
They do not move, their frames are integral with the monocoque.
Each seat in the Concept and individually tailored to fit the anthropometric data of the customer.

The seats are finished kangaroo skin.
Adjustable steering wheel and pedals.
Like the car, “Formula 1” in the Urban Audi on the steering wheel removed almost all controls.
Floor mats lining the floor, made of technical fabric that repels water and superdolgovechnaya.
Audi Urban moves through the electrical system of e – tron, it is familiar to us by the Audi concept last year.
Lithium – ion batteries are placed transversely behind the seat backs.

Each rear wheel is driven by its own electric motor.
This facilitates the distribution of torque.
Two electric motors develop a total power of 20 hp, accelerating the electric vehicle up to 60 km speed.
at one o’clock.
6 seconds.
Up to a maximum of 100 km.
h Urban accelerates in 16.9 seconds.
fully charged battery pack is enough for 73 km.
In the city you will pass more and no.

Charging concept from the usual outlets in just one hour.
LED technology has allowed the headlights shine in different modes.
Light tubes are located on the front fenders are the direction indicators and brake – signal rear window surrounds all together in a protruding wheel width concept – car is 1678 mm.
The trunk is pushed like a drawer.
Urban Concept, the future looks great.

This car looks so elegant and fashionable, that is more suitable for the spirit of women motorists.
Exclusive fashionable upholstery harmonizes perfectly with the futuristic design.

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