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Audi RS5 Cabriolet 2018-2019

Audi has demonstrated the RS5 cabriolet  2018-2019.
The German automaker has decided to show the “charged” model online.
And see the car “live” can be as early as this month, visiting the auto show in Paris. Audi RS5 in the back of a convertible equipped with the same 4.2-liter engine of the V8, as the coupe.
Power of the power unit is 450 horsepower and maximum torque of 430 Nm.

The convertible has all-wheel drive, while the role of the transmission went 7-step “robot» S-tronic dual-clutch.
On acceleration from zero to the first “hundred” at the open version Audi RS5  2018-2019 takes only 4.9 seconds.
With regard to the maximum speed, the electronics restricts it to 250 km / h.
At speeds above 120 km / h in a convertible, as well as in the coupe, automatically “travels” wing.
Apart from the soft roof, exterior Audi RS5 has undergone minor changes.

Open car version was the exhaust system with large twin tailpipes, LED headlights and a more aggressive body kit.
When the novelty sales will begin in Europe is still unknown.
The Germans are going to provide complete information about the gig only after its debut in Paris.
It is worth recalling that the Russian market is now available version of the Audi RS5 with a hard top.
Basic configuration model starts at 3.71 million rubles.

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