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Audi Q7 2018-2019

Despite the fact that the Audi Q7  2018-2019 – not premiere car, it still continues to be a genuine interest.
His appearance gives the impression – the harmony of dynamics, sporting character and nobility.
Interior Audi – as usual at a high level, there is enough space and the polished metal and precious wood, and gorgeous skin.
Plastic, of course, too, but its quality will not claim even a complete sybarite.

And there are a lot of free space, in the back row can be like in a luxury limousine to transport VIP-persons.
The machine is equipped with a level on the highest level, even the electronics dispose the luggage compartment door, he pressed a button – and you’re done.
In bad weather – it’s not even an extra feature.
Gasoline eight, with a displacement of 4.2 liters, has a capacity of 350 horsepower.
SUVs such power grabs his head, he famously accelerated to a pace you did not go to any.

Audi Q7  2018-2019 – the car overall, but despite the large sail, stay on course it will not make any crosswind or ruts in the road.
The car makes its way to the persistence of road roller.
And all this thanks to the huge wheelbase, but with all this, the machine is quite agile and easy to operate.
When driving in the city – this is not the elephant in the room, the driver feels great size.

Audi Q7  2018-2019 – will have to follow suit, and urban movements for country trips.
But do not forget that this SUV both axes lead, but to call it all-terrain vehicle, it would be not quite appropriate.
Four-wheel drive at the Q7 more for greater certainty when traveling on slippery roads than to overcome a heavy off-road.
Audi Q7 – a copy of a very worthy, but in terms of price and quality, it is one of the most exciting cars in its class.

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