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Audi Q3 2018-2019

The car was first shown at this year’s International Motor Show in Shanghai.
And the audience warmly received him.
At a first glance the novelty is very easy to confuse with the “big brother» Q5 – the same proportions, similar designs.
But if you put them side by side, the difference will be noticeable on.
Firstly, Q3 still less.
Secondly, they have a different character: Q5 – a bully and a dude, and Q3 – an intelligent fellow, who looks much more modest, but it can boast a high-tech filling.

The creators call the appearance of new items “kupepodobnym”.
Although he is more like a hatchback.
And not just a hatchback, but the Audi A3.
They are similar in size and style.
Also his appearance called sport that, most likely, is simply a tribute to fashion.
Another thing is that the whole of the road line computer NII Q3 most harmonious, and he really looks the next-generation car.
Overall, Audi continues to preach a minimalist aesthetic with maximal functionality.
Therefore, while Q3 and has the status of an SUV, its drag coefficient of aerodynamic drag is an impressive 0.32.
Inside the company, it is called an advantage through technology.


Today, automakers and consumers especially baked on engine efficiency.
And with that the new crossover’s all right.
First, the car will go into a series with only three engines – one diesel and two petrol.
All three with direct fuel injection, turbocharging, as well as energy recovery systems, and Start-Stop in the basic configuration.
The base version of the car will get a front-wheel drive, six-speed manual gearbox, the diesel engine working volume of two liters, which develops 140 hp, which consumes just 5.2 liters per “hundred” in the combined cycle.
The engine 2.0 TDI four-wheel drive option presents smiling.
And for the other two power units, on the other hand, is not provided monoprivodnom option, but only proprietary transmission Quattro.
Transmission will also be only one, although it is an occasion for joy rather than anxiety.
Because it is a new S Tronic seven stages, two clutches and a lightning-fast robotic toggles between tion.
Of course, it provided and automatic modes.

And most interesting is that the first time such a unit will allow to go coasting.
If you select performance when you completely let go of the gas pedal, the clutch is opened, both the connection to the crankshaft, and will allow you to simply roll without engine braking – all for the sake of fuel economy.
By default, Q3 will be equipped with electric power steering.
It is adaptive, that is able to change the gear ratio and on the steering wheel of the effort in dependence on the speed.
Moreover, sometimes it will even steer himself.
The car will get a modern security system that will correct the car if the driver does not respond to the warning.

There are sensors that recognize road signs.
Information about them is displayed on the auxiliary monitor directly on the dashboard.
In Q3 cruise control mode itself will accelerate and slow down, depending on the speed limit.
A tracking system for road markings can not only turn the buzzer and give vibration on the steering wheel, but also on their own to return the vehicle to its lane, continuing to wake the driver.
But that’s not all.
The compact dimensions of the car allow fast enough to find a parking place and squeeze in a relatively small space.
Parktronic sensor with twelve E will see obstacles not only back, but also from the side.
In addition, he will remember them, and you can see them on the monitor until the end of the maneuver.

And if you doubt your own abilities, come to the aid system is optional Park Assist, which will correct your actions wheel even when parallel parking.
As for the suspension, it changes to the building, what makes proprietary system Active Drive Select.
It allows you to choose from four modes for different types of roads and in the process, as well as gearbox S Tronic, adjust settings, starting from the driving style.
Management occurs via MMI multimedia system, which is already in the basic configuration and controls not only the climate and audio system, but also the technical characteristics of the car mi.

Built-in GPS-module will not allow to get lost anywhere in the world, it is advisable to install GPS monitoring system – this is an excellent device, even with the help, you can connect the machine to the Internet mobile phone, and then the navigation will work with the Google Earth application, which will be much easier to navigate in space, and the car also will perform the Wi Fi function Rauter, allowing any mobile device and within the vicinity of the machine will be able to use the network.
MMI system also has a built-in hard drive, and remember that your route, and music, and other files.
The seven-inch color display lets you to view 3D-images in high time decision.
In addition, he understands voice commands.

Acoustic atmosphere creates audiosi BOSE tem with fourteen speakers and a subwoofer.
Salon can be decorated with different versions of leather, wood and aluminum.
Sports seats with good lateral support are powered memory.
The same applies to rear-view mirrors and easy steering with three spokes.
Build quality is not satisfactory, as always with Audi.
Q3, though small, but very serious car.
It is an urban “SUV” premium, in no way inferior to the larger your Audi.
It’s just a luxury compact class.

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