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New Audi A8 2019 – update of the flagship Audi model


The fourth generation of the luxury sedan Audi A8 2019-2020 model year is presented by the German manufacturer on July 11 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The new four-door Audi demonstrated a series of breakthrough technologies not only for the segment, but also for the entire global automotive industry, striking a serious blow to the ambitions of the eternal competitors – the BMW 7-series and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class . In the asset model – a new body design in the style of the concept Audi prologue, ultra-modern optics with laser beams and organic light-emitting diodes, several fully automatic assistance systems, a lot of innovations in electronic equipment, an advanced chassis with electromechanical body position control system, high-tech power units with a turbo .

In the German market, sales of the new Audi A8 in the body of 2019-2020 will begin in the autumn of this year at a price of 90,600 euros for the classic version and 94,100 euros for the long version Long. In Russia, the new Audi will arrive by the end of 2019, and at first the new model will be offered only with a 3.0 TFSI engine of 340 hp, and the expansion of the engine range will happen in 2019. In this review, we will present photos, complete sets and prices, technical characteristics of the flagship of the German brand, personifying the future of the luxury class.

Body: dimensions and power structure

The new generation of the “a-eighth” basically has the MLB Evo platform, which is shared with the last Audi Ku 7 . That’s just for the sedan have prepared a more advanced version of the “trolley”, facilitating the adaptation of an incredibly long list of modern equipment. Compared with its predecessor – the “third” Audi A8 – the updated sedan slightly changed in size. The length of the body of the car increased by 37 mm (up to 5172 mm), the width was reduced by 3 mm (1945 mm), the height increased by 13 mm (1473 mm). The wheelbase was 2998 mm, which means a 6 mm increase to the previous figure. The elongated Audi A8L has a base of 3128 mm and a total length of 5302 mm, i.е. Both sizes are increased by 130 mm with respect to the standard version of the four-door.

The power frame of the German novelty is also called the Audi Space Frame, but now it’s a completely new design with a 24% increase in torsion stiffness. Improve the characteristics of the body was obtained by changing the ratio of materials used and optimizing the architecture of the “cell”. The main share in the structure is expected to be aluminum (58%), but in addition to it, steel (conventional and high-strength), magnesium and even carbon fiber (with partitions in the rear of the cabin). Elements are attached to each other by welding, screws, rivets and glue joint.
Body of the model

New language of design

“Fourth” Audi A8 became a pioneer of the new design philosophy of the brand, the main features of which were reflected in the concept of Audi prologue, presented in late 2019. One of the key details in the new vision is the huge hexagonal grille of the Singleframe radiator with horizontal slats and an elegant chrome frame. Falshradiator dominates in the bow, and with its design the shape and design of all adjacent elements are consistent. For example, headlights are organically attached from above, the strokes of LED DRLs are, as it were, an extension of the upper lamellae of the grating. The same style extends to the side sections of the air intakes.
Photos of Audi A8 2019-2020

Particular attention should be focused on the front optics HD Matrix LED. Now it provides for presence not only usual light-emitting diodes (138 pieces for each headlight), but also a laser beam. The laser is switched on at speeds over 70 km / h, increasing the range and efficiency of luminescence. Accurate correction of the light beam in accordance with the traffic situation is carried out based on the data from the camera installed in the front of the car.

Feed design

No less advanced lighting technology is applied from the back – it’s lanterns with OLED matrix optics using organic light-emitting diodes. In contrast to conventional such LEDs have a smaller thickness and a large area of ​​luminescence (in fact, they are thin plates with a multilayer structure). They emit light more evenly, with the possibility of soft brightness adjustment. Each of the two rear diffusers is equipped with four segmented OLED-modules, supplemented by dynamic turn signals. Plus, the lanterns are connected by a long LED strip and a thin chrome-plated bridge. Another chrome strip is stretched out on the bumper, along the way forming trapezium of the exhaust system nozzles.

Photos of Audi A8 L

The assortment of colors for the body of the new Audi A8 includes twelve shades, including two appearing colors for the first time – Impala Beige and Navarra Blue. The dimensions of the wheels of the sedan range from 17 to 21 inches. Interestingly, even here there has been no innovation – the control of the tightening of the wheel fasteners is provided, accompanied by the output of warning messages. The function is unique in the market.

Interior decoration and electronic assistants

The new generation Audi A8 is a true digital world with a mass of advanced electronics and passenger comfort systems. At the disposal of the driver are three whole information screens:

  • 12.3-inch virtual instrument panel, which is a TFT-monitor with a full HD resolution of 1920×720 pixels. The data are displayed in two modes: the first is the classic circular scales of the speedometer and tachometer with a small window in the center (navigation, phone book, audio), the second is a large central window and small dials of instruments on the sides.
  • 10.1-inch screen of the main infotainment system MMI with a resolution of 1540×720 pixels.
  • 8.6-inch display for controlling the climate system and comfort functions (1280×660 pixels). Switching between the settings is carried out using the series of touch keys. It supports typing from the keyboard and handwriting recognition.


Passengers of the rear seats put their multimedia installations – two tablets Audi tablets diagonal 10.1 inches, fixed on the back of the backs of the front seats. Both devices are removable, so they can be used not only in the car’s interior. The tablets interact with the main MMI multimedia complex via a Wi-Fi wireless connection. They are also connected remotely with the control panel located on the back row of seats. The console is made in the smartphone format with a 5.7-inch touchscreen HD-screen on the same organic light-emitting diodes. The device running on the basis of the T40 processor from NVIDIA, is enclosed in a lightweight aluminum case and looks very stylish. With the help of the remote control it is possible to control not only tablets, but also climate, lighting, seat settings.

Rear Seats

We will not discuss in detail the rest of the equipment available for the model, we list only the most high-tech and rare options. These include the ionization and air scavenging system, wireless charging at the front and rear, a projection display, self-learning navigation with three-dimensional maps and voice control, an unlocking system from the smartphone (data transmitted using NFC technology), heated side and center armrests, ventilation and massage for the rear seats (including foot massage), bonus acoustics Bang & Olufsen with 23 columns (total power 1920 W).

Among the set of electronic assistants (their number reaches 41) we will allocate systems of automatic piloting, completely assuming certain functions. Are available in view of:

  • Traffic Jam Pilot – a mirror autopilot, working at speeds up to 60 km / h. The system is activated on roads with separating opposing streams barriers and itself produces acceleration, braking, steering wheel rotation.
  • Remote Parking Pilot and Remote Garage Pilot – automatic parking systems that do not require the presence of the driver at the wheel. The car can be parked perpendicularly or parallel to the carriageway, as well as independently drive into the garage with limited free space. The launch is made remotely from the smartphone, and the maneuver itself is monitored on the screen of the mobile device receiving the image from the cameras of the circular view. After completing the parking procedure, the assistant himself will move the tiptronic to the Parking position, muffle the engine and turn off the ignition.

The three specified “autopilots” will not be introduced from the very beginning of the sale of the novelty, but in 2019. They are united under the general name Audi AI, in which the designation AI hints at the use in the future of elements of artificial intelligence. That is, future high-tech assistants will not only be able to operate in an autonomous mode, but will also learn to adapt to the needs of people.

Talking about the interior of the new Audi A8 4-th generation, we actually did not touch on the topic of finishing materials. Obviously, with them a representative of the luxury class is all right. Inside, only the most expensive and high-quality leather grades, natural wood, aluminum are used. In total eight schemes of furnish are offered, and at desire the client can order the variant of internal registration.

Specifications Audi A8 new model 2019-2020 year

The new engine line “a-eight” will consist of the following units:

  • Diesel “six” 3.0 TDI with a power of 286 hp. (600 Nm);
  • Gasoline “turbo-chaser” 3.0 TFSI with a return of 340 hp (500 Nm);
  • Turbocharged diesel V8 4.0 TDI with an output power of 435 hp;
  • Petrol turbo engine V8 4.0 TFSI with a peak thrust of 460 hp;
  • The petrol “monster” W12 6.0 TFSI with 585 hp. and 800 Nm (similar motor is installed on Bentley Bentayga );

With the start of sales at the disposal of the Audi A8 will be only 3.0-liter power units, the remaining engines will join later. With a delay, there will be a hybrid version of the Audi A8 L e-tron quattro, powered by a tandem of the petrol unit 3.0 TFSI and electric motor. The total output of the unit is 449 hp. and 700 Nm. Such characteristics are enough to accelerate the car to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds and give it a maximum speed of 250 km / h. The lithium-ion battery of the hybrid with a capacity of 14.1 kW * h is made in the form of a flat block with 104 cells hidden in the boot lid. The battery can be recharged by a standard cable connection or wirelessly from the panel placed under the car.

All versions of the updated A8 are equipped with an 8-speed automatic and a quattro all-wheel drive. The central self-locking differential by default distributes the torque between the axles in the 40:60 ratio, but if necessary, it can forward up to 70% of thrust, and backwards up to 85%. For a surcharge, it is proposed to equip the car with a rear sport differential.

Active suspension Audi A8

The chassis of the new Audi model has an independent architecture with front dual-link and rear multi-link suspension. The highlight of the modernized running configuration is electromechanical drives, which replace the stabilizers of lateral stability. They are installed on each of the wheels and respond to the electronics commands, which in turn is guided by data from the camera, constantly scanning the road surface in front of the machine. Selective influence on “electric” stabilizers allows to level the body at heels and to react thinly to the unevenness of the cloth.

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