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Enjoy each wish to drive.
It depends on the car. Audi A7 Sportback  2018-2019 will deliver it in abundance.
He is a true sports car.
Sports donors Audi A7 discern from afar.
Amazing aerodynamics literally twists it into the front air flows.

Small clearance allows him to stand out from the total number of sports cars .
Upon reaching the speed of 130 km / h, automatically, from the body of the wing rises spectacularly.
Sophistication appearance Audi A7 Sportback  2018-2019 add LED lights, that on the night the road is a stunner.

Interior Audi A7 nothing special stands out and is inherent in all of your Audi.
Inside, it is decorated with wood and leather.
All items are carefully checked and are used to achieve maximum comfort.
If you say that insulation is excellent, to say nothing.

When moving only barely hear the sound of a powerful engine.
Interior lighting is provided by LED surround lighting system.
Impeccable German quality is characteristic of the vehicle Audi A7 Sportback.
The plans of placing it on various types of engines.
This will increase the choice for consumers.
Petrol and diesel V-shaped high power engines are characterized – from 200 to 300hp
The speedometer marked to 300 km / h, but in fact the rate of no more than 250 km / h.
Electronic control system of its limits.

acceleration to 100 km / h impressive, depending on engine type – from 5 to 8 seconds.
Audi A7 is equipped with a new steering system, in which the main role is given to effective hydraulic booster.
Transmissions will be applied differently.
Quattro all-wheel drive and front-wheel Multitronic – these are the main.
Suspension fully justified.
To comply with the sporty character Sportback was equipped with a new system of aluminum levers.
Chassis is equipped with the proven Audi Drive Select system stabilization.
Electronics has provided substantial assistance to the driver in control.

Audi Lane Assist helps in case of inadvertent withdrawal of the car with the band and Audi Side Assist provides a trouble-free transition from one band to another.
He also is equipped with a thermostatic system for the engine and control system “start-stop”.
At various test drive Audi A7 Sportback has shown good results.
The tests took place under different conditions.

The car can be operated virtually anywhere roadbed meets pan-European requirements.
Dimensions Sportback: length – 4969 mm, width – 1911 mm, height – 1420mm.
Wheelbase is 2914 mm.
Volume of luggage – 535 liters, with the rear seatback recline to 1360 liters.
Turning circle – 12 meters.
In general, Audi A7 Sportback has come to us.


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