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Audi A4 2018-2019

German automaker Audi produces vehicles of class «D» from the distant 1972, when was born the model Audi 80. After more than two decades – in 1994, the year – wagon and sedan received new A4 index.
Over the past twenty years it was replaced by four-generation model, but now it is the turn of the new (the fifth in a row) Audi A4 generation.

The first 2018-2019 model year car is based on a completely new platform.
Sedan has grown slightly in size and now reaches a length of 472.6 cm, its width is limited by the mark 184.2 centimeters and a height of not more than 142.7 centimeters.
The length of the wheelbase of the machine is 282 cm.

Note that due to the widespread use of aluminum body construction, the car became about 120 kilograms lighter compared to its predecessor.
Now sedan curb mass of about 1570 kilos.
In addition, the aerodynamic drag coefficient of the Audi A4 in 2018-2019 achieved the best marks for the production models in 0.23 Cx.

However, the car has changed visually is not too big and in many respects similar to the previous generation model.
The new Audi A4 2018-2019 short body overhangs, long bonnet and distinctive embossed vyshtampovki on the sides.
However, a broad false radiator grille is now six corners – like the SUV Audi Q7.

It is interesting looks and an arrow front optics that surcharge may be an active matrix and LED elements.
Width aft saloon highlight the long wedge-shaped lights and the luggage compartment lid is surmounted by a small spoiler.

Inside, the new 2018-2019 Audi A4 can be seen already familiar style, which is dominated by horizontal lines.
The instrument panel in the car a modern – all the data displayed on the 12.3-inch color display.
Furthermore, the list of options available for a projection screen windshield.

Above the wide center console is a thin color 8.3-inch display multimedia complex MMI.
Note that the “travel” on the menu, you can now with the help of the touch panel.
Interior lighting in 2018-2019 Audi A4 is now done LED elements.
Moreover, the backlight color can be changed simply by pressing a button.

On the back seat increased by 2.3 centimeters free space in the legs, and the capacity of the luggage compartment wagon has grown to about 505-year-liters.

The list of basic equipment version, which now includes the automatic braking and determine the degree of driver fatigue, as well as climate control.

In addition, the Audi A4 in 2018-2019 and added to the list of options.
Now, for an extra charge the car can be equipped with wireless internet, parking assistant, 755-watt sound system, three-zone climate control unit and removable plates for the rear row passengers.

Virtually the entire range of motor new 2018-2019 Audi A4 model familiar from the previous generation, although some powertrain engineers have increased the power.
For example, customers will be offered a choice of turbocharged gasoline 4-cylinder engines with a displacement of 1.4 and 2.0 liters.
The first of them develops about 150 horsepower, and the second is the power available in two versions – by 190 and 252 horsepower.

The diesel line Audi A4 2018-2019 consists of a turbocharged units with a volume of 2.0 liters (150 and produces 190 hp) and 3.0 liter (220 and 272 power).
With the most powerful engine of the German car is able to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour on the speedometer in about 5.3 seconds, and its fuel consumption in the combined driving mode is only 4.9 liters per “hundred” kilometers.

We add that the diesel 272-hp version of the couple gets an automatic 8-speed transmission, and all other versions of the machine equipped with a 7-band “robot” with the function of the dual clutch, a 6-band “mechanics”.

Like the previous generation, the new 2018-2019 Audi A4 will be available in front-wheel version and in versions with all-wheel drive system.
The model has a fully independent suspension with stabilizer bars.
The front of the new items is equipped with classic rack type “McPherson”, and the rear part is based on a multi-link design.

All the wheels of the machine are equipped with disc brakes with ventilation technology, and steering the car works in tandem with an electric amplifier.

New Audi will be officially launched in the autumn at the Frankfurt International Auto Show A4 2018-2019 model year.
Shortly after the debut and wagon and sedan will go on sale.
According to preliminary data, the initial cost of the German new items will be at least 35 thousand euros.

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