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AUDI A4 2.0 TFSI QUATTRO 2018-2019

The popular German brand presented to the public a new sedan Audi A4 2018-2019.
He’s passionate temperament and elegant appearance.
Sometimes one wonders how differently behave in 2-liter engines.
This volume is the most popular of many classes.
The dynamic Audi A4 2018-2019 2.0 TFSI engine is the main body.
The German manufacturer is trying not to skimp on the pleasure of driving.
Because of the offset in the motor base significantly improved handling and maneuverability, and the absence of a system of Select Drive has not stopped the A4 came close to the standard – BMW 3rd model.

By the interior, there are some complaints: too much black plastic and enough space between rows, so that rear passengers will be cramped.
The luggage compartment is 480 liters.
At Audi A4 2018-2019 AWD.
Possessing self-locking Torsen gives excellent stability on a slippery road.
From here there are options and equipment – climate control, 6 airbags, ESP, S-line package and sound system with CD.
Seat covers – leather, ceiling – black cloth.
Installed R 18 alloy wheels.

Engine 4-cylinder petrol turbo.
Located in front longitudinal.
Displacement – 1984 cm / cu.
Power – 211 hp at 5500 rpm.
Torque – 350 Nm at 1500 rpm.
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h – 6.5 seconds.
Maximum speed – 250 km / h.
Fuel type – A-95.
Fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as follows: in the city – 9.4 liters on the highway – 6.4 liters, the average – 7.5 l .. Audi A4 length – 4703 mm, width – 1826 mm, height – 1427 mm.
Warranty – 2 years.
Maintenance intervals – 15 000 kilometers.
Price from 40 000 euros.

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