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Audi A3 Sportback 2018-2019

At the 2012 Paris Motor Show, Audi will present a five-door hatchback A3 Sportback  2018-2019.
The model has become more and his predecessor, and the 3-door version.
Audi A3 Sportback in length increased to 4310-five millimeters in width – up to 1780 years of age, and height – up to 1425-ti.
This increased length and wheelbase which is now 58 mm higher than in the 5-door version of the previous generation and 35 mm wheelbase size of the current “trёhdverki”.
The car dropped 90 kg of weight – is now plenty of new items in a version with a 1.4-liter TSI engine is only 1205 kg.
To reduce the weight of the hatchback was possible thanks to the use in the construction of ultra high strength steels and aluminum.

At the initial stage of the sales Audi A3 Sportback  2018-2019 will receive three engines – two petrol turbocharged power unit with direct fuel injection and a diesel.
After some time, it will be added to another petrol engine and two diesel engines.
The most effective is a 1.6-liter diesel engine, consumption per 100 km only 3.8 liters of fuel.
With this engine hatchback can accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 10.9 seconds.
Later, the base powertrain for the new car will be the 1.2-liter TFSI with 105 horsepower.

In addition, for the Audi A3 Sportback  2018-2019 will be offered with a turbocharged engine volume from 1.4 to 1.8 liters and output from the 122’s to the 180-year-horsepower.
In the transmission part in the German company chose the 6-band “mechanics” and automatic transmission S-Tronic dual-clutch.
A year later, the family will replenish Sportback version S3 and modification TCNG with a motor that uses natural gas.
It should also be noted that for the most complete sets of powerful 2,0 TDI and 1.8 TFSI will be available optional all-wheel drive Quattro.
The appearance of Audi A3 Sportback to the European markets is expected in February 2013. at a cost of 22 500 euros.

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