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Audi A2 2018-2019

At last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi showed visitors ready for serial production electric car – A2 2018-2019 concept.
It should become the basis for future electric car brand.
At the modest external dimensions, the car has an interior volume at the level of the premium standards.
The Audi A2 can comfortably accommodate four people.

LED car lights have a new technology that is at work in the mode beam does not dazzle anyone.
Mounted proximity sensors detect the driver and turned off the alarm on the team in the form of a gesture.
Under the hood Audi A2 operates an electric motor that develops 116 horsepower and 217 Nm of torque.
With him in a pair of runs single-stage transmission, which transmits the force to the front wheels.
Maximum electric speed is 150 kilometers per hour.

One charge the lithium-ion batteries enough to drive about 200 kilometers.
According to preliminary data series production Audi A2 will be launched in 2013-th year.
The range of serial hatchback with electric motor will include several gasoline engines, ranging from 75 to 110-ti-ti-horsepower, diesel units and a hybrid propulsion system with the possibility of charging from an ordinary electrical outlet.

Overall dimensions of the Audi A2 concept.

* Vehicle Length – 3.8 meters.
* Vehicle width – 1.69 m.
* Total height – 1.49 meters.
* Curb weight – 1150 kg.


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