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Audi A2 (Audi A2) in production will not start 2018-2019

Guide German automaker Audi has decided not to run the electric car in series production A2  2018-2019.
Conceptual model of the same name two years ago, was first presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and the conveyor electric vehicle planned to put in  2018-2019-th year.
The company says that the technology developments and used to create the Audi A2, are not wasted and are used in the development of future models of the German brand.
In the arsenal of the concept car Audi A2  2018-2019 th year was an electric motor with 85 kW (116 hp), which gets its energy from the block lithium-ion batteries, with travel ranges of up to 200 kilometers.
To fully charge the battery at the Audi A2, about 4 hours required of 240 V External power outlet.

The maximum speed of Audi A2 electronics limited at around 150 km / h, and acceleration from zero to the first “hundred” he took 9.3 seconds.
The main feature of the electric vehicle Audi A2 was used in the design of large amounts of carbon fiber and aluminum concept whereby all weight was 1,150 kg, which, in turn, about 120 kg less than the intended primary competitor weighs BMW i3.
The reasons that prompted the company to abandon the series production Audi A2, management has not yet reported.
One can only assume that the production car would be too expensive to produce, and a loss is now the German automaker does not want to work.

It would seem, without any problems could produce the Audi A2 with a conventional internal combustion engine, but there is not so smooth.
After all, the market of compact premium cars is not too high, as might be desired.
In addition, production of Audi A2 necessarily would involve a reduction in demand for the model Audi A1.

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