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Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro 2018-2019

Model Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro  2018-2019 is the first in the history of the brand representative of the B-Class (A2 was more compact Venom).
With that, the brand has a premium membership, it was necessary to somehow distinguish himself.
In the upper segment of this class is now the game is set in the legendary replica runabout – MINI, Fiat 500, soon to be joined by VW Beetle.

Despite the fact that the Audi A1 has no history, it looks as though it is also a tribute.
Stylish, but too much like the above competitors.
Simply put, this model does not have its special “chips” that have lured buyers.
Perhaps this is why Ingolstadt decided to build a little monster with almost racing potential.

The car is almost completely redesigned.
And this is done manually and very carefully.
Is it too much work for shoustoppera that no one thought to sell?
There is a version that this little “monster” the company makes it clear what direction will develop A1.
Perhaps it serially and start to put a super-powerful engines and sporty body kit.
At one time, such a move spurred VW Golf first-generation sales.
And really, why not?

If you are basically driving around the city with its traffic jams and difficulties with parking, then it would be nice sometimes “prohvatit” on suburban highway on the same vehicle, provided that the potential for this is more than enough.
And if specifically, it will be possible to compete on equal terms with the usual sport penalties, ranging from the BMW M3 and Porsche 911. ending Do not believe me?
Then take a look at the numbers.

Car Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro weighs 1390 kg and has a firm permanent all-wheel drive Quattro.
Dispersal to hundred kilometers per hour is 3.7 seconds.
Maximum speed is artificially limited to 250 km / h, but the stopper is removed elementary chip tuning.
Motor specifications can also not be shy – 503 hp
and 660 Nm!
So “dispersed” turbocharged five-cylinder unit from the TT RS volume of 2.5 liters.
Back sofa in the machine is not – there is now a wide strut rigidity between racks, battery shelf for storing helmets.
Instead of the usual front seats installed two racing “bucket” with four-point seat belts.
In the car, there is no firm MMI system and audio system – were “stove” and air conditioning.
Even the door handles not – they are the racing-style rope replaced.

Externally, the car is different from the usual A1.
Due to the widening of the wings and new car added six centimeters in width.
Exhaust displayed to the left of the threshold, as Audi A4 DTM.
The unique kit has the protection of unpainted carbon fiber.
Above the rear door stands the imposing size of the spoiler, without which it would go fast unsafe.
But the most notable elements of the exterior – black carbon bonnet and 19-inch wheels, stylized turbine.

If this went on sale, most likely, the demand would be an avalanche.
Unfortunately, this is just a show-stopper, which was created for the auto, beautiful pictures and video clips.
The only thing that will get serial from A1 Clubsport, – parts of body kit and carbon trim.
But it seems to be just the beginning.
The concept is too radical and too real at the same time – is in something will result.
You just wait a bit.

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