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Aston Martin Rapide 2018-2019

In the UK generate enough luxury cars, but the company produces a supercar Aston Martin – not the most popular.
Perhaps their new model will be able to influence the position of the Aston Martin Rapide -2018-2019 . This is the first 4 -door car in the company’s history.
By the way, the outside of Rapide can be confused with the sedan, but is narrow luggage compartment stretches to the upper edge of the roof, like a hatchback.
Aston Martin distinctive feature is its doors are open not only to the sides, but also slightly upwards.

A very original solution.
The English speak of the Rapide, as the most convenient and practical car in its range.
However, there are several claims to it.
Pretty low roofline makes landing in the salon are extremely uncomfortable.
Inside, even the front, fairly closely, you feel like in the cockpit “formular” car.
On the back seat is even close to the child, then what to speak of adults.

Interior wood paneling and delicate skin, in addition to this – a large number of on-board electronics, from navigator to elite stereos.
But the most important thing that affects – it sapphire ignition key.
Such luxury you will not find any more in one brand.

But the build quality is slightly limp, there are uneven stitches, some buttons and the “turntable” is a bit of backlash.
The real masterpiece is considered to be in the car 12-cylinder 6-liter engine is assembled by hand.
It has a capacity of 477 hp.
Incidentally, the automatic box located at the rear.
Thanks to this original decision, failed to reach an ideal weight distribution.

With car seats starts as if it is equipped with a jet engine.
When driving Rapide is not perceived as a staid family car, but as a true super sports car.
It has an unusually sharp and sharp steering response.
No less impressive aerodynamics and Aston Martin Rapide.

The machine is fast and beautiful, but uncomfortable and cramped, but at a cost of 180 000 $, such contradictions should be ruled out.


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