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Aston Martin DB9 2018-2019

British supercar manufacturer Aston Martin begins to take Russian orders for the updated model DB9.
Car prices will be at least 237 000 euros (about 9.52 million rubles).
The first copies of the Aston Martin DB9 in Russia will have to the end of 2012-th year.
A restyled version of the sports car was displayed at the Paris Motor Show.
The vehicle is designed in the style of Virage models, which have already removed from the production.
Updated Aston Martin DB9 got a new radiator grille, new hood, the other front and rear bumpers, front wings with different holes for ventilation, and even luggage compartment with several large spoiler.

Completeness completes the interior of the cabin.
It is designed as emphasized traditional British sports car style, but decorated with carbon fiber and aluminum decorative elements that should attract the attention unobtrusively embedded in the car on innovation.
This is in addition to the 124-th in the thousands, for which you can buy the usual Aston Martin DB9.

The model is equipped with an advanced 5.9-liter 12-cylinder power unit.
Modernization has touched the block and cylinder head of the engine, and fuel quality gasoline pumps and throttle valves were installed.
These completions capacity of the power unit increased from 477 to 517 -th ti horsepower.
Maximum torque is 620 Nm.
The maximum speed of the new Aston Martin DB9 ti reaches 295 kilometers per hour and acceleration from zero to the first “hundred” takes place in the supercar in just 4.6 seconds.
This is 0.2 seconds faster than the dorestaylingovoy car.

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