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An example to follow 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan

German compact crossover 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan can be called one of the most prominent representatives of the company from Wolfsburg. Will the 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan in -, and what its characteristics are subject to change. Consider a body and its color variants of color, interior and equipment, wheels and tires, the technical characteristics (engine, gearbox, drive system), conduct a test drive on asphalt and off paved roads. Let Tiguan current prices and find out what is so attractive to buyers in a fairly expensive compared with classmates crossover (available to buy for the price of 899 thousand. Rubles).
2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan made its debut as a production car at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2007, and to the restyling of the model in had become a bestseller – more than 700,000 crossovers have found their owners. Having survived the Tiguan facelift appeared in Russian showrooms in the summer of . The review will identify advantages and disadvantages of the crossover, which happened to encounter customers 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan of release (if any).

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Speaking about the appearance of the German SUV once it is worth noting that the Tiguan is available in two versions design of the front end. The difference between the models is to install a different bumpers. Versions 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan «Trend & Fun» and «Sport & Style» – for the car owners, who most of the time are planning to move in an urban environment, and cars were nicknamed “citizen” model 18 degrees angle of entry. The machine in trim «Track & Field» and «Track & Style» called “peasants”, for fans of departure for rugged terrain, the installation of bumpers trimmed with stylish ski increases the entry angle up to 28 degrees.

  • Different front bumper impact on the overall length of the body contrast, the urban 4426 mm, while the “rural” a little more than 4433 mm. The remaining dimensions are identical, the size of car 1809 mm width, 1703 mm in height, 2604 mm wheelbase, 200 mm ground clearance (clearance), 25-degree departure angle.
  • Curb weight, depending on the installed engine, gearbox, drive type and level of filling vehicle comfort functions ranging from 1501 kg to 1679 kg.
  • Wheels: used tires 215/65 R16 on steel or alloy wheels 16 range, tires 235/55 R17 – 17 wheels and size 235/50 R18 on larger wheels R18 alloy.
  • The colors of enamel paint finishes can be selected from nemetallika for which does not require a surcharge – Candy (white); and six metallics value of 14260 rubles – Acapulco Blue (light blue), Night Blue (dark blue), Reflex (Silver), Silver Leaf (silver), Wild Cherry (red), Deep Black Perleffekt (Black Pearl).

To study the appearance of the crossover in the best possible photo and video materials, placed at the end. It looks car car stylish, harmonious and bright, fully in line with the corporate appearance of the entire 2018-2019 Volkswagen line. The compact crossover is clearly designed with an eye on the older model Touareg German company, so like machines. This fact is often pleasant to owners of the Tiguan, and the drivers that are driving older brother Rep Power, see the first kindred spirits.
Front lighting fixtures with the contours of the LED, the charismatic front bumper, sloping bonnet line, soft lines, smooth gradients vyshtampovok, square-round profile of the wheel arches and compact feed with a strong roof pillars, a powerful rear bumper, right tailgate, beautiful sidelights and a mandatory crossover attribute in the form of generous plastic clothes lower body parts.
The car body with double-sided galvanized, Stone Chip underbody coating, reinforced for the Russian conditions of operation anti-corrosion treatment and the protection of the engine compartment.

Interior of the new 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan, according to auto journalists and guests of owners, is a benchmark for others to follow. In the first row driver and front passenger will settle down in a comfortable chair with a dense packing, heating and a huge range of adjustments, with bright ridges of lateral support. No matter equipped with seat mechanical or electrical drive, find a comfortable position is not difficult. Grip steering wheel with music control buttons, telephone and trip computer is adjusted for height and reach. The instrument panel with two classical radius and color trip computer screen – stylish, informative, beautiful. Strict and monumental front panel with two-level, round ventilation vents, center console convex turning into a compact central tunnel. Placing entertainment system, climate control, transmission knob – traditionally and correctly, the drive of the electric hand brake by the button. Providing driving a 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan is no question about the location of controls, and only use the handles, buttons and switches pleasure. finishing materials not only look qualitatively and pleasant tactile.
In the second row with no less comfort will accommodate three passengers, the only negative – sits in the middle prevents the high transmission tunnel. As a bonus, the air ducts, the ability to mix a sofa along the interior of 16 cm and separate back can be tilted. Sit down and out of the cabin comfortable crossover thanks to its wide doorways and doors opening onto a large viewing angle.
The trunk can accommodate from 470 to 1510 liters of load depending on the position of the rear seats. When folded chairs form a flat cargo area.
In the base Tiguan – ESP stability control, ABS with ASR traction control, EDS electronic differential lock, air conditioning Climatic, radio CD MP3, electromechanical power steering and other trifles. Traditionally, 2018-2019 Volkswagen AG cars a huge selection of options, unfortunately very expensive.
For the 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan compact options have an extensive list:

  • parking assistant Park Assist, electric driver’s seat,
  • leather trim (lots of options and color combinations)
  • bi-xenon adaptive headlights,
  • cruise control, color touch screen, navigation, rearview camera,
  • keyless access and engine start button, the system will recognize driver fatigue.

The new Tiguan is able to recognize traffic signs and follow the road markings and, most importantly, will signal the driver to limit the high-speed mode or the intersection of the centerline.

Specifications 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan -: updated crossover in Russia equipped with a choice of four petrol and one diesel engine, front-wheel drive or 4Motion all-wheel drive system with a multi-plate friction clutch of the fourth generation of the Haldex, a 6-speed manual or automatic gearboxes, suspension fully independent front MacPherson struts on, and behind mnogoryichazhka, disc brakes, electromechanical power steering with variable characteristics. As an option available DCC adaptive suspension with three modes Normal, Sport and Comfort.
Gasoline engines:

  • Engine 1.4 TSI (122 hp), box 6 speed manual mechanics provide acceleration to 100 mph in 10.9 seconds, a top speed of 185 mph. Fuel consumption of 5.5 liters on the highway and 8.3 liters in the city. In the presence of a start-stop function of the engine, Brake Energy Regeneration.
  • 1.4 TSI (150 hp) with 4Motion 6 speed manual – the dynamics of up to 100 kmh in 9.6 seconds, the maximum will be able to accelerate to 192 mph. Average fuel consumption of 8 liters in city need at least 10.1 liters.
  • 2.0 TSI (170 hp) 4Motion, Automatic transmission 6 automatic transmission, accelerates the crossover to the first hundred in 9.9 seconds, top speed 197 mph. Average fuel consumption – 10 liters in urban areas more than 13.5 liters.
  • 2.0 TSI (200 hp) with 6 automatic transmission 4Motion shoots up to 100 mph in 8.5 seconds and 207 mph easily gains. The average fuel consumption is 10 liters, well, the city will have to try to keep within the 13.5-14 liters.

Diesel 2.0 liter TDI (140 hp) 4Motion 6 automatic transmission will accelerate to a hundred in 10.7 seconds and the speedometer needle reaches the maximum figure of 182 mph. Fuel consumption will please the average consumption of 7.1 liters of diesel fuel, the engine in the urban crush eat 9.2-9.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

Test drive the new 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan: As a test sample we take the Tiguan Track & Field Kaluga assembly with the 2.0 TSI (170 hp) with 4Motion 6 Automatic Service Off-Road Suspension and DCC, four-wheel drive. On asphalt crossover demonstrates excellent handling, stable and obedient in the corners, and on the line, too. Suspension comfort can be selected by pressing one of the available modes. By car just nice to manage, it felt German breed. There is no desire to accelerate quickly and frantically brake, you just want to ride and ride. Once on the country road you realize that the potential of all-wheel drive and almost dzhipovskoy geometric cross body prevent road tire pattern, here’s to put toothy tires and then … but why, mud puddle on the beautiful, stylish crossover. With their goals on and off the asphalt paved roads Tiguan manages to five points.

What is the cost and where to buy: Updated 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan , in Russia you can buy for the price of 899,000 rubles – as many will cost the purchase of front-wheel drive version with a 122-horsepower engine Trend & Fun (citizen). To rely on a sensible regulation and quality service, buy better, of course, from an authorized dealer. While taking into account the distrust of domestic products, when there is no accurate information exactly where the vehicle is assembled, some prefer to book a car of the German assembly. Price 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan Track & Field 2.0 TSI (170 hp) 4Motion (peasants.) – From 1164 rubles, sales in showrooms diesel Tiguan «Track & Style» at the price of 1331 rubles..

Faults and problems, repair and spare parts – all of these questions in the course of operation of the new 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan can arise, as with any other machine. But the concept of “German quality” model still gives an advantage compared with competitors. Reviews owners only serious drawback Tiguan called its value.

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