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All-terrain wagon Skoda Octavia Scout in 2018-2019

In the late summer of this year, the Czech car manufacturer 2018-2019 Skoda has introduced a new wagon-road called the Octavia Scout.
Presentation of new products for Russian motorists held within the framework of the Moscow International Motor Show 2014. And the other day Russian Czech automaker announced the price of its model.
Prices will start with a mark of 1.247 million rubles.

As stated in the company, “vsedorozhnaya” wagon modification has a good behavior both on ordinary roads and when driving on the road to easy.

The new 2018-2019 Skoda Octavia Scout model year, the standard station wagon 2018-2019 Skoda Octavia Combi can be distinguished by an increase of 1.6 centimeters (17.1 cm) ground clearance (clearance), in black bumper inserts silver, as well as a protective lining in the black wings, doors and sills.

Rounding out the image of novelty stylish rims with a diameter of 17 inches, which the automaker included in the basic equipment.
As for the interior, here in the presence of three-spoke multifunction steering wheel fitted by a skin, as well as a number of other elements, designed specifically for the 2018-2019 Skoda Octavia Scout model year.

wheel drive wagon terrain got relief and faster in electronic-hydraulic Haldex coupling of the fifth generation in the rear axle drive.

Due to the increased overhang corner (in front of – 16.7 degrees aft – 13.8 degrees), “all-terrain” wagon 2018-2019 Skoda Octavia Scout in 2015 has the ability to move on to easy terrain with relatively steep terrain.

In our market Czech car will be presented with a turbocharged petrol power unit the TSI, which is the working volume of 1.8 liters, and a robotic 6-band transmission DSG with double clutch function.

The maximum power of the engine reaches approximately 180-year-horsepower.
It is worth noting that the diminished “appetite” in comparison with its predecessor, the “all-terrain” wagon 2018-2019 Skoda Octavia Scout model year.

Novelty has become more economical by about 20 percent in a mixed driving cycle consumes only about 6.9 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

The basic equipment “all-terrain” wagon 2018-2019 Skoda Octavia Scout model, the Czech automaker included fog headlights, alloy 17-inch wheels, 2-zone climate control system called Climatronic, Start-Stop function, fuel-saving, assistance system at the start of a hill, electronic stabilization system ESP and a number of other options.

In addition, the surcharge will be offered the Czechs Russian motorists options such as rear-view camera, parking assistant, driver fatigue sensor, bi-xenon headlights, electric drive for the tailgate and heated second-row seats.

The dealer showrooms accepting applications for the “all-terrain” wagon 2018-2019 Skoda Octavia Scout model year has already started, and its cost, as mentioned above, starts with a mark of 1.247 million rubles.

Note that the standard 2018-2019 Skoda Octavia in the Russian market is available with engines with a displacement of 1.4 liters to 2.0 liters and output of 110-minute and 180-minute horsepower.
The cheapest version of the car is offered for 644,000 rubles.
In addition, in our country it is available “charged” modification of the model, which received a 220-hp engine, for which domestic buyers need to put at least 1.349 million Russian rubles.

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