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All-terrain wagon 2018-2019 Seat Leon X-Perience

Spanish carmaker 2018-2019 Seat Leon added one more family model.
We are talking about the wagon-road, which was not only a prefix to the name of X-Perience, but also a considerable list of improvements for him high off-road qualities in comparison with the standard Leon ST.

In the Russian market the new product will be available presumably in, the year.
Identify the off-road version of the station wagon, motorists will be able to protective body kit of unpainted plastic.

But the main difference from the normal version is all-wheel drive, based on the fifth generation Haldex clutch.

Moreover, the new 2018-2019 Seat Leon X-Perience is equipped with electronic differential lock imitations, as well as the stabilization of the system, which the Spanish engineers are specially configured for movement outside of paved roads.

Apparently, for mild slips on loose surfaces electronics it is too early to “strangle” the engine, as it may lead to the fact that the car lost speed and “bury”.

In addition, the new station wagon boasts and increased ground clearance.
However, the increased clearance of only 1.5 centimeters.

Earlier it was reported that the European market 2018-2019 Seat Leon X-Perience is available only with diesel powertrains.
Recently, however, the Spanish automaker said that in range of off-road motor wagon appears and petrol 1.8-liter engine produces 180 horsepower.

But in the diesel range will include previously promised units in volume of 1,6 and 2,0 liters, developing from 110 th to 184’s horsepower.
In a couple of motors will be offered as a manual 6-speed gearbox and a 6-band “robot» DSG.

The official premiere of the new station wagon 2018-2019 Seat Leon X-Perience will be held at the Paris Motor Show in September this year.
At the same time, and starts receiving orders for the model in Europe and the first copies will reach the customer at the beginning of 2015 year.

According to the company, the versatile terrain will become a prelude to the appearance in the model range of the Spanish automaker full crossover that should happen probably in the year.

Recall that the standard 2018-2019 Seat Leon (last picture) became the conveyor two years ago, but in our country the car arrived only recently.
Normal wagon with front-wheel drive went on sale only this month.

Its price starts at 707,000 rubles for low-power 86-strong version with manual gearbox and reaches 1.085 million rubles for the 180-strong modification of a “robot» DSG.

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