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Alfa Romeo Giulietta

In Russia, in August this year officially started receiving orders for 5-door hatchback Alfa Romeo Giulietta.
Until recently, only the Alfa Romeo 159 were offered on the Russian market in sedan and station wagon, and more compact model MiTo.
Now the ruler of the Italian manufacturer has replenished the Giulietta hatchback, which will be available in Russia with only one turbocharged petrol 1.4-liter power unit, but with two power options.

The basic version of this engine produces 120 horsepower (206 Nm torque) and is equipped with a 6-band manual transmission.
In this case, the 1280-pound car to accelerate from zero to the first “hundreds” takes 9.4 seconds.
The maximum speed is 195 kilometers per hour.
The cost of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta – about 899-thousand rubles.
A more powerful version of the engine already develops 170 horsepower (250 Nm).
Here on the acceleration to “hundreds” of 7.8 seconds is required.
The car with the engine and 6-band “mechanics” will cost between 995-thousand rubles.

Available also a 6-speed “robot” with two clutches TST.
At this point the buyers will have to pay from 1.06 million rubles.
But the petrol 1.7-liter 235-hp engine for the Russian TBI is not offered.
Sales Alfa Romeo Giulietta will be engaged in the official importer of the brand – the company “Alfa Cento”, which is located in St. Petersburg.
And in the capital of Russia hatchback are available at the dealer center “ARM-Service.”
The first batch of cars will appear at dealers in November and December, while the supply to order will take approximately 3 – 4 months.

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