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Alfa Romeo Brera 2011

Alfa Romeo Brera – is one of the few cars that managed to go the distance on the design of the concept car to production model, virtually unchanged.
Coupe is built on a shortened platform of the 159 sedan, and front part of the virtually indistinguishable. 6 round headlights look from under the overhanging hood, and just below the two fog settled.
Even more original look from the back, the body lines are highlighted so clearly that evoke associations with the athlete, ready to start.

This appearance does not leave anyone indifferent.
Trim – it is generally the strongest feature of Alfa Romeo.
High-quality and tasteful materials, soft plastics, expensive leather and polished aluminum – create an image of high-end Italian car.
Low and wide body evokes a feeling of a sports car, but when driving – sportiness Brera bit lacking.
No, of course cars with their front-wheel drive and a 2.2-liter engine accelerates briskly, and when excess gas at the start of the front wheels even detached from the asphalt, wanting to pull the heavy car forward.

Despite its modest dimensions, the coupe has a weight of one and a half tons, which slightly spoils the driving dynamics.
Robotic gearbox perfectly adapts to the behavior of the driver and not in a hurry at a rate reset switch the transmission to a higher, even if the tachometer shows a 6-ti thousand revolutions.
Maneuverability at Alfa Romeo Brera is excellent, thanks to clear the steering wheel, the driver can surely guide the car on the lane of the road, which he likes.

However, he will have to closely monitor the road as soft suspension is quite sensitive to potholes.
But on a good track and on large Brera speed manifests itself as a true Alfa Romeo.
Coupe rolls easily on the road and steadily changing bands, even when the speedometer shows 200 km / h.
When choosing a car, most of us are tormented in search of the golden mean between emotion and rationality.

Head requires moderate spending, but at the same time practical and comfortable car, not too demanding to use.
A heart asks vivid sensations at the wheel and beauty.
Here Alfa Romeo Brera belongs rather to the second type.
Especially with its value – from 42 thousand euro.

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