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2018-2019 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

In mass production run of only 500 cars coupe 8C Competizione.
12 cars should go to Belgium, Austria has had a 14, 39 identified in France, 69 was taken to England, 81 cars were sold in Germany, and 95 modifications have gone to the United States.
84 coupe 8C Competizione Italy in store for their own drivers, and the remaining 65 supercars dispersed over the whole world: in the Middle East, Australia, South America, Malaysia … the Russian Federation has got a list of States in which live the owners newfound compartment with sign “Visconti” on the hood.

Concept car Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione was first presented at the IAA in 2003 and was very warmly received.
Influential journalists called 8C very expensive car, compared with its superior equipment, such cars as the Aston Martin, Maserati and Porsche.
However, the cost of 165 000 USD
for the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione – probably not a comic, but if you are lucky enough to sit behind the wheel of a coupe, you will understand that the Italian Avtosrtoiteley or slightly overstated the price.
Alfa Romeo fans do not think so.
In just two weeks, more than 1,400 applications were submitted for the purchase of 500 cars released on 8C Competizione models.
And in our power 10 orders were submitted with the advance payment, but only one lucky buyer.

Sample 8C Competizione dismal fate awaited Alfa Romeo museum exhibit, but Antonio Baravalle, which came into golavu company in 2005, pulled the car to the dusty museum stands offering a variety of serial exhibition modification 2003 model year.
Extraordinary thinking newfound president of the company, only the desire to podzadorilo Alfa Romeo 8C to release a production model, which has a nearly century-own inimitable history.

The first eight-cylinder Alfa Romeo its origins back in the distant 20’s of the 20th century.
This decade 8C 2300 to celebrate the victory in the thousand-mile 24-hour race, leaving behind even a brand like Bentley.
A 40-ies of this car has changed the model coupe 8C 2900. Now is the time of the latest perfection of Alfa Romeo cars.

The basis for the new sports coupe to take a sample M145.
Also borrowed from the 8C Competizione Maserati manual gearbox.
The engineers had the idea to equip the brand new Alfa Romeo V8 power unit with turbocharging, the brainchild of professionals from the Ferrari and a Maserati, but then they rethought and presented the 8C Competizione The newly enhanced engine with a displacement of 4.7 liters and 450 horses.
This similarity with other vehicle modifications ends.
About the appearance of new coupe Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione is very difficult to say in words, it is better to see it in reality, or at least in the photos.
It is said only that painted 8C means a three-layer deposition with an admixture of silver.

Interior landscaping brand new sports coupe is not inferior to the exterior design.
Solid center console carved out a holistic alloy, it looks convincing and luxurious.
The base seats made of carbon fiber, as well as on the dashboard.
By the way, the creators of the 8C Competizione decided to preserve the natural texture of carbon fiber, giving up in favor of gloss hand-sanding.
Sit comfortably in a chair, the body will not slip through the binding of the textile and leather belts.
dense cushions steering wheel keep the shoulders, waist and legs.

Behavior Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione on the road brings a lot of emotions.
Active dynamic acceleration and braking of truly surprising.
At the same time car no predisposition to sudden shocks.
In Sport mode – acceleration causes an incredible feeling of a roaring engine and explosive shots from the exhaust system.
Soft start, virtually imperceptible jolts when changing gear 8C Competizione shows feline habits.
In addition, it is more noticeably quiet when driving, and when you press on the gas with all his strength.

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