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Alfa Romeo 4C 2018-2019

A year after the premiere of the new sports coupe Alfa Romeo 4C Italian company in the production and launch an open version of the model.
Report this portal British Autocar, citing sources within the brand.
Is equipped with Alfa Romeo 4C will be a 1.7-liter engine, whose power is 200 horsepower, and the convertible weight, engineers are projected to be about 900 kg.
In this case, the car can accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds.

The basis for the Alfa Romeo 4C will eponymous concept, first shown last year, first at the Geneva Motor Show, and then in Frankfurt.
At present, the company’s employees work hard, to most accurately recreate the appearance of the concept in the production version.
However, to avoid differences unlikely therebetween.
The new coupe Alfa Romeo 4C will be shown to the public in the next year, and the car market will be only in 2018-2019-th year.
The premiere of the gig will take place a year later.
The approximate cost of the coupe will be about 45 thousand euros ti.

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