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Acura TSX Sedan may be left without a successor 2018-2019

After the premiere of the premium sedan Acura ILX in the model range of the Japanese brand were two similar in size and price model, so the TSX sports sedan may be left without a direct successor, reports Motorauthority.

According to rumors, the TSX may disappear from the lineup Acura 2018-2019 or team up with a sedan TL, forming a new model called the TLX.
Such a car would fill the gap between the compact and the new ILX RLX flagship.

In an interview with Automotive News Head Acura Dzhefa Conrad partially denied the rumors, saying that the TSX will be in the lineup Acura «in the foreseeable future.”
At the same time, however, he said that the TL successor released in the summer of 2018-2019 in a little bit of reduced dimensions that are very different from RLX.
This will bring it to the TSX, which means that the model can actually merge into one after the change of generations.
Current Acura TSX, in turn, will soon receive an upgrade to the 2018-2019 model year, which may be the last for the sedan.

As the Motorauthority, TL model is extremely important for the brand, because it is the best selling model Acura.
In 2012, it sold 33,572 copies in the United States Acura TL.
For comparison, the TSX with available option in the “universal” body sold for the same period a circulation of 28,865 copies.
That is why the successor of both models rather borrow TL name.

Name TLX line with the new strategy names Acura, according to which all sedans receive a letter in the name of «L», crossovers and SUVs «D», and sports cars «S» (as long as it only concerns the supercar the NSX ).

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