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2018-2019 Ford Focus RS 3

Statement of 2018-2019 Ford about the new five-door Focus RS 3rd generation had in February and in the spring at the Chicago Auto Show, and then at the Geneva show, the audience was able to witness and appreciate the novelty. Place of production of the new 2018-2019 Ford Focus RS 3 years – Germany, and buy it can be, not only in Europe but also in North America.

The new 2018-2019 Ford Focus RS 3 embodies many innovative solutions that were not previously available, such as a modern all-wheel drive system. It is expected that sales of new items will begin cars from . The expected price of 3 2018-2019 Ford Focus RS – in the region of 40 000 USD
Equipment is expected to be quite rich, even the basic version is equipped with climate control, a new SYNC multimedia system, modern sound system (10 speakers, including subwoofer), R19 wheels with the original design, etc.
The new car has a distinct athletic look. At first glance, it forms please muscular and harmonious, with some tinge of aggressiveness. This impression is enhanced especially when looking at it from the front. Vyshtamovki stress relief hood; front bumper with a lower spoiler, side air intakes and the vertically arranged protivotumankami looks solid and powerful. The front part is decorated with a massive grille in the shape of a trapezoid, and the filling head optics with LED running lights – bi-xenon.
The lines and proportions of the new Focus RS 3 is quite recognizable as reminiscent of “civilian” model . But the big wheels, “inflated” wheel arches, side skirts make the car looks modern and dynamic.
Rear view demonstrates the presence of a relief bumper with diffuser, round exits the exhaust system and an impressive wing located above the tailgate.

  • The vehicle is equipped with tires 235/35 R19, which shoes to wheels R19 light alloy. Standard – a tire Michelin Pilot Super Sport, but as an option and can be purchased Pilot Sport Cup 2, which are more “tenacious”.
  • The car will be offered in the colors of the four colors, you can choose from white (Frozen White), gray (Stealth Grey), blue (Nitrous Blue) and black (Absolute Black).
  • Dimensions of the new Focus RS 3 are as follows: length – 4362 mm, width – 1858 mm, height – 1471 mm. wheelbase size does not differ from the usual Focus, it is 2648 mm.

Compared with the conventional Focus, auto interiors enriched with new items sporting touches. Tilt wheel with three spokes truncated bottom in sports style and put on the skin. Helpful tools are located in wells, on-board computer screen is of high quality. The dashboard looks very nice and efficient. There is an impression that all the elements are easy to understand, regardless of the conditions.

The architecture of the center console is also sufficiently resembles a normal Focus. However, there are differences: nearly a windscreen turbine pressure and oil temperature. The presence of complex media with an eight-inch color screen, a modern audio system with 10 speakers, control unit air conditioning system – all this makes the Focus RS 3 is quite decent, “civilian” car.
The interior cabin design involves quality plastics and leather, which are upholstered seats, armrest, gear shift lever and handbrake. The build quality of the new car – a very decent, however, and the usual Focus in this regard is not satisfactory.
The driver and front passenger will now be placed in a deep armchair, shaped buckets. Such seats are comfortable and provide a good opportunity to commit. Behind quite comfortable and spacious it will be two of the passengers, but, if necessary, a third person there is also fit, although with a smaller convenience still places in the width is not much.

Performance specification 2018-2019 Ford Focus RS 3

3 Focus RS is equipped with the EcoBoost four-cylinder, 2.3 l., Which is equipped with variable valve timing, direct injection and turbocharging, and therefore the engine boasts an output of 320 hp with a torque of 434 Nm. The manufacturer claims the possibility to untwist the motor up to 6 800 rev / min, about the rest of the characteristics is silent, promising to later provide a more complete data.
In tandem with the engine running and the latest 6 speed manual all-wheel drive 2018-2019 Ford Performance AWD with the possibility of distribution of traction between the axles and between the wheels of the rear axle (up to the moment of transmission entirely in one of the rear wheels). Each floor is equipped with a multi-plate clutch with electronic control. These adhesion and provide a redistribution of power turbocharged engine, replacing the differential. The main transfer functions with a simple bevel gear. As for the multi-plate clutch is not possible to completely block, the rear wheels can be transmitted up to 70% of torque.
The setting up of the car was a well-known rally driver Ken Block. The engineers turned to endow the new car quite cheerful and dynamic nature of what promises to future owners great fun to drive – it provides the latest technology, will achieve excellent controllability.
There is preliminary information about the speed and dynamic characteristics of Focus RS 3. declares that accelerate to hundreds of car will be less than 5 seconds, and the maximum speed at which it moves, is a mark of 270 km / h.

For the new version of the Focus RS was the base of the standard model. Car suspension shock absorbers Power is capable of operating in the “street” and “track” Front – McPherson strut, rear – chetyrehrychagovaya design. Electric power steering and stabilization system configured to work with a vectoring system. The powerful braking system with disc mechanism provides effective braking.

Videos 2018-2019 Ford Focus RS 3

2018-2019 Ford Focus RS 3 photo

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3 2018-2019 Ford Focus RS interior photo

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