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2018-2019 Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Cars 2018-2019 Volkswagen are moving in the segment of premium cars, becoming smarter and more.
So the expression “people’s car” can be used except in quotes.
Against this background, Polo sedan – is a backward step.
A step towards the mass consumer.
All 2018-2019 Volkswagen has a similar “family” features and Polo immediately recognized the relationship not only with the Golf and Passat, and Luxury Executive chaise.
These are the most common features is clearly going to benefit the image of the budget sedan.

Externally, the sedan resembles a hatchback Polo, but all body parts in these machines is different, and the wheel base is longer than the sedan to more than 8 centimeters.
German designers managed to create a harmonious car, which is not always obtained by turning hatchback 4-door body.
Trunk fits in the silhouette of the machine.
All angles Polo thoroughbred looks, as befits a product of the German automotive industry.
In the guise of affordable 2018-2019 Volkswagen no brightness, but there is solidity.
At first glance, the interior Polo is simple but respectable.
However, if you look closely, a slight disappointment comes.
All plastic hard, including the steering wheel.
In this regard, the Polo sedan is significantly different from other models of the concern.

However, at the convenience of the service functions is not affected.
The sedan has a function of adjusting the driver’s seat height and steering wheel can be set up not only by the corner, but also on the flight.
The instrument panel is framed as clearly as possible, a short glance is enough, that would be considered necessary data.
The only complaint is the lack of engine temperature gauge.
The rest of the 2018-2019 Volkswagen demonstrates exemplary practicality.
The seats are upholstered in a tenacious and does not mark a cloth, and the front seats are equipped with 2-way heating.
The Polo plenty of space for various small things, and he has another interesting feature – a glove compartment under the floor has a secret pocket for documents.

The sedan is not very comfortable to sit because of the high threshold, and ride in the rear seats better together.
The third passenger, literally, no room for the legs, the machine is very high central tunnel.
But 2018-2019 Volkswagen took care of things the rear passengers, there are door pockets and cupholders.
Polo boasts a large amount of luggage.
It has a convenient loading height, wide opening, it is a pity only that have to unlock the lock key, though – there’s a button on the driver’s door.
Under the boot floor are the spare tire, repair kit and a niche for small things.
Back rear doors develop in parts, revealing a wide opening in the interior.
The length of the Polo – 4384 mm, width – 1699 mm, height – 1465mm.
Wheelbase – 2552 mm.
Ground clearance – 170 mm.
Curb weight – 1159 kg.
The boot capacity – 460 liters.
Tank capacity – 55 liters.
Fuel type – AI-95.

2018-2019 Volkswagen Polo sedan comes only with one type of engine – a 1.6-liter petrol engine capacity of 105 hp, and the engine is quite spirited and allows you to quickly accelerate away, but when the tachometer needle passes for 3 – 3500 rpm , that’s when it becomes quite annoying noise in the cabin.
However, the sound of his still pleasant and those who love to drive, and he may even like it.
Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 10.5 seconds and a speed of Polo easily and accurately follows the movement of the steering wheel.
Quick turns the machine runs only with small rolls.
The car handles well and stands firmly on the road, but the suspension is stiff and small and medium-sized bumps well felt in the cabin.

Polo sedan is not suitable for racing, but if its owner comes to mind to go to the sporty style, the machine does not let you down.
Urban fuel consumption – at 8.7 liters per 100 kilometers.
In the urban cycle can cost about 5 liters of fuel.
In the maximum configuration, the Polo is equipped with power steering, air conditioning, heated front seats, full power accessories, central locking with remote control, dual airbags and ABS.
Most of these options are not available in the basic version.
Sedan is equipped with a 16-valve engine, working volume of 1598 cm / cc, with maximum output of 105 hp at 5250 rev / min.
and torque – 153 Nm at 3800 rev / min.
Maximum speed – 190 km / h.
Transmission – 5-speed manual.

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