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2018-2019 Volkswagen Passat seventh generation

The driving on the road, reborn Passat and really quite similar to its predecessor.
Traditional folksvagenovsky chassis does not cease to please: distinct reactions and the absence of laxity.
Uniformly rigid suspension is very easy on the irregularities of medium caliber, however, and at large does not look snap.
A control with electric power correctly and very exactly lead.

Arrived latest engines.
Evolution palette 2018-2019 Volkswagen engines is without reference to the change of generations.
The Germans say – the new Passat by an average of 18% more economical than the former, but did not specify what specific power devices.
energy recovery system under braking device and Start / Stop are ready so drastically reduce fuel consumption.

Version Gas really economical.
For methane is adapted, for example, the base for Russia engine power 1.4 TSI 122 hp
(Gas cylinders take up space spare wheel), while no loss of traction.

As Petrol “brother”, the engine is a little weak on the “lower classes” and not quite comfortable in a mirror the confusion, but works fine and nice sounds at high speeds.
Together with the ITUC it completely lacks.

However, our choice – the composition of the traditional turbo 1.8 and seven-speed DSG.
The racing itself Passat also did not see it, but much happier rolls basic machines, especially if the “urge” manual sports mode.
It is good and a 170-horsepower diesel engine, but its operating range too narrow, and often jumps box according broadcasts.

In Europe, Passat usually takes the role of trendsetter.
Today’s upgrade will allow him to survive at the helm of this class for three years, and after that will come to replace the new model Passat eighth generation.

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