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2018-2019 Volkswagen Golf Plus

2018-2019 Volkswagen has introduced a new model Golf Plus.
It’s hard to convince someone else of the need to purchase a car with a lot of seats.
A large family would be enough and the usual classical five-seater.
However, most drivers prefer the convenience of driving sitting in high chairs.

There comes to mind, such a model is 2018-2019 Volkswagen Golf Plus, which has also a reasonable price.
By implementing the design in such a fashion today turbocharging, the manufacturer has reduced this engine capacity, equipped it with a compressor for improved response at low revs, while everything was working perfectly.
On the new Golf is also 17-inch wheels and sport suspension have been installed.
Modest plastic dashboard perfectly made and very easy to use.
On the rear seats in the VW can also comfortably accommodate. The Golf from the outside of a small size, but quite roomy inside.
In addition, this car is very similar to the model 2018-2019 Volkswagen Golf Style, although the second has a stylish design that can be understood from the name of the model itself.

Furthermore, there is the side cushions.
For an additional fee, you can set the navigation system, pressure control of the air in the tire and auto valet.
Engine 4-cylinder turbocharged.
Number of valves – four per cylinder.
Two camshafts.
Working volume of the engine 1390 cubic centimeters, the power of 160 horses, with torque of 240 NM – 1500 rpm.
The maximum speed of 214 km.
at one o’clock.
Transmission 6-speed manual.
Drive front.
Front and rear disc brakes.
Tires 225/45 ZR 17W.
Emissions of CO2 – 153 g / km.
According to the manufacturer’s average fuel consumption of 6.5 liters per 100 km.
Tank capacity 55 liters.
Fuel type A-95.
Trailer weight up to 730 kg, without brakes to 1400 kg.
with the brakes.

The luggage compartment is regulated by the rear seats from 395 liters.
up to 1450 liters.
Acceleration to 100 km.
per hour is 8.5 seconds.
The curb weight is 1469 kg.
turning diameter up to 11 meters.
Braking from 100 km.
per hour is about 38 meters.
Cruising range 720 km.
Maintenance interval 15 tis.
The warranty against rust perforation for 12 years.
Price model about 222 yew.

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