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2018-2019 Volkswagen Golf 5, b / y, reviews about the car with a mileage

Name 2018-2019 Volkswagen Golf car has already become a household name. A VW Golf 5 can be considered as one of the standards of the European C-Class. Fifth Golf does not lose relevance over the years, to the many witnesses who wish to buy used cars / y. 2018-2019 Volkswagen Golf 5 city remains one of the most popular cars on the used car market. To help make the right choices to their readers, we have collected, analyzed and structured information about the shortcomings, faults and weaknesses cars: what to look for when buying Foltz Golf 5 b / y. This helped us feedback VW Golf 5 car owners in the forums.

Body and interior Golf 5 city

Generally speaking, the point of our analysis, we can safely add to the positive side of Golf V:

  • Body adequately resists corrosion. Find some rust on this car is quite difficult, even in places paint chips.
  • The bottom is designed taking into account the impact of unpleasant salts and mud – essential elements are covered with plastic plates.
  • Claims to the cabin PV Golf 5 have also used there. During the operation details are not loosened, the equipment is almost never gives failures, there are no unpleasant squeaks.

The cons can be written only characteristic of the machine damage the air conditioning system compressor. Sometimes noticeable incorrect work windows.

Engines MPI, FSI, TDI on Golf 5 b / y

Given the popularity of Golf at all times, for it is enough broad range of gasoline engines with cylinder working volume was released from 1.4 liters to 3.2 liters (80ls-250ls) and diesel 1.9 and 2.0 liter turbodiesel (75ls-170ls). Almost any version can be found on open spaces of our country.
The lion’s share of the Golf V equipped with a petrol 1.6 MPI (102 hp), which, by the way, is considered the most reliable and reviews the mechanics stripped characteristic “sores”. A more modern 1.6 FSI (115 hp) is practically never encountered in the domestic market. But the lower 1.4-liter engines, and especially with the Golf V 1.4 FSI can bring “surprises”.
Golf 5 1.4 FSI engine can have the following problems and faults:

  • In the engine with difficulty at temperatures starting in cold seasons of below 20 degrees Celsius.
  • Excessive wear on the timing chain.
  • as required, and replacing gidronatyazhitelya.
  • Quite often in line FSI also denied the ignition coil.

All of the above (except paragraph 1) is also characteristic of the power plant 1.6 FSI.
A more powerful 2.0 FSI in the Golf 5 also has disadvantages:

  • Often they fail regular corrugations exhaust system.
  • Said running to replace the timing belt – 180 thousand. Km. But in fact, only half of this figure is the real life.

Among the most reliable diesel variation is a Golf 5 1.9 TDI diesel. And here at the turbodiesel 2.0 TDI has a drawback – often fail fuel injectors.
It is worth noting that the manufacturer change the details of the guarantee.
In general, the motor is good and passable handles domestic diesel fuel. The term turbine service too happy.
Another big plus of a diesel engine – is quite modest fuel consumption, quiet ride at 6 liters per 100 kilometers.

Transmission and drive Golf 5 city

Most Golf5, like its predecessor, got front-wheel drive. There are, however, a model with 4Motion, connect a reverse axis when the front wheels slip. Special criticism on them there, everything works well “on the passport.”
Among the variations of transmissions on VW Golf 5 was 2 mechanical (mechanical manual transmission 5 and 6 steps), auto (automatic automatic 6-speed the tiptronic), as well as robotic the DSG (6 and 7 steps), which can themselves adjust to the driving style of the driver, changing the time of inclusion of transmission. In addition, there is a sports mode.
Buying Golf 5 b / y with the robot DSG need to be prepared to be pushed to the:

  • Computer Problems – there are jerks when switching. On shestistupke is from 1 to 2, and at seven – on the back. Helps ECU reflash on the factory maintenance.
  • The above problem can not be solved banal change of software, so you’ll have to replace the entire unit, which is costly.

Mechanics also has its drawbacks:

  • After run about 90-100 thousand. Km too ushatyvaetsya double bearing (box becomes noisy).
  • If diesel cars appears knock when changing gears, in most cases worn flywheel.

6 tiptronic automatic transmission is highly reliable, and accurate driving will act up (strikes when changing gear, slip) in a car with a mileage of 120 thousand km and more.

Suspension and steering on the Golf 5

Suspension of the fifth regular Golf: McPherson front and rear mnogoryichazhka. In general, it is good and has a long service life.
The front suspension parts break down roughly in this order:

  • Mileage 80 thousand. Km. – The rear silent blocks in the front control arms.
  • Mileage 100 thousand. Km. – Become useless stabilizer.
  • Mileage 150 thousand. Km. – Wear remaining silent blocks.
  • Over this period usually live stabilizer bushings and ball bearings (up to 200 thousand kilometers).

As for the rear axle, it has 100 thousands recommended to change the ball, sleeve racks and bumpers. The rest of the details, except, perhaps, the silent-blocks are able to serve up to the magical figure of 200 thousand. Km.

Problems with the steering depend on the Golf V Year of Manufacture:

  • , 2004-2006, a strong deterioration of rail engagement and drive. You receive a knock at work.
  • After 2008, the whole site has been redesigned and much improved. The rose and the service life of parts (rods and lugs). Their replacement will be possible to produce after 150 thousand. Km., But it is in an ideal driving.

On the brake system is not satisfactory. Failure may be only in very old models released closer to 2004.

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