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2018-2019 Volkswagen Amarok

Despite its utilitarian nature, the Amarok has preserved features typical of 2018-2019 Volkswagen.
This is a broad range of complete sets and a wide range of optional equipment.

The car has climate control, ABS, driver airbag, power accessories, audio system, alloy wheels, fog lights, heated seats and a set of outriggers.
Given the features, 2018-2019 Volkswagen Amarok has a reasonable price.

Because it combines the advantages of several cars, and is, thus, as a passenger sedans of middle class – from 31.5 thousand dollars.
Traditionally for the 2018-2019 Volkswagen, the Amarok model is equipped with a reliable manufacturer’s warranty, which is 2 years, unlimited mileage.

Amarok – the first pick-up, which was not created in the US or Latin America, and in the heart of Europe.
It combines the advantages of several cars – passenger cars with 5-seater interior, light truck and SUV serious.
The machine is able to carry nearly a ton of cargo and, at the same time, ensure the comfort of five passengers.

Amarok – a classic pickup truck, which has a powerful spar frame, on which a body with a double cabin.
The rest of the Amarok – this is also a classic of the genre.
He has a constant drive to the rear wheels and drive on the “front end”, which is connected with a key – if necessary.
Not without its traditional leaf springs at the rear axle.
The model range includes other performance of the body and transmission.
For example, single-row cab only rear-wheel drive or permanent four-wheel drive.

2018-2019 Volkswagen Amarok looks serious and even more brutal.
The designers were able to give the appearance of attraction, although from the pickups that you least expect.
However, the apotheosis of nature Amarok is its rear end.
Tailgate, which leans, this car provides a small loading height – only 780 mm.
Volume of cargo compartment is 2.5 cubic meters.

At the rear is quite spacious Amarok, as in conventional cars of the middle class.
Under the hood of the test car placed diesel turbo engine, producing 163 horsepower.
It is paired with a classic 6-step “mechanics”.

As for the powertrain, the car has a full set.
The driver can turn the front axle, to include a reduced number of “hand-outs”, as well as lock the rear differential interwheel.
The engine develops 400 Nm at 1500 rpm.
According to the manufacturer, 2018-2019 Volkswagen Amarok uses the combined cycle a total of 8 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.

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