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2018-2019 Toyota Proace travels to Europe

In the middle of this year, the Japanese car manufacturer 2018-2019 Toyota will bring to the European market a new minivan, which was given the name Proace.

The model was the result of a cooperation agreement between the European branch of 2018-2019 Toyota Motor Company and the group PSA, which includes the French automaker Citroen and Peugeot, and is a modified version of a minivan Peugeot Expert.
In Europe, the car will be available in ten variants, which differ in height of the body, the wheelbase sizes (300 and 312 cm), carrying capacity, the size of the luggage compartment and motor.
The Japanese claim that Proace can pull a trailer weighing up to two tons and a maximum load capacity of a minivan up to 1.2 tons.
In the British Isles, where 2018-2019 Toyota Proace will be available from the first of July, for the machine will be offered a choice of three diesel power units, the relevant environmental standards Euro-5.
The base 1.6-liter engine will be issuing 89 horsepower and maximum torque of 180 Newton meters, the pair are working with 5 -speed manual transmission.
Also, in the power line model will be two engine capacity of 2.0 liters capacity of 126 and 161 horsepower with a maximum torque of 320 and 340 Newton-meters, respectively.
These units are equipped with a mechanical 6 A range gearbox.

In the UK market prices minivan 2018-2019 Toyota Proace will be in the range of 22 300 to 27 800 euros.

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