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2018-2019 Toyota Prius cars

Ninth of September year in Los Vegas hosted a presentation of a new hybrid version of the Japanese sedan 2018-2019 Toyota Prius.
In early, the new auto-start appearing on the American and European markets at a cost of 25 million Euro.
The prospect of the new Prius in the Russian market is not yet known.

Fourth-generation Prius – is the firstborn in the lineup 2018-2019 Toyota, built on a new proprietary platform TNGA, endowed with auto-sporty character and novelty brand package of safety systems TSS.
Designers have increased capacity and efficiency of the power plant, a high-tech filling is now lighter and more compact, Prius has received more vivid athletic appearance and stylish interior. Auto-novelty capable of surprise not only technological innovations, but also appearance.
Designers deliberately put on a new 2018-2019 Toyota Prius sporty appearance to emphasize the improved handling of a sedan.

The external dimensions of the car 2018-2019 Toyota Prius model year (in meters): 4.54 in length, 1.76 in width, 1.47 in height, 2.70 wheelbase.
In front we see the original, full-LED lighting technology, futuristic bumper with huge air intake opening and aerodynamic elements, compact decorated vyshtampovki hood.
Profile body exhibits carefully verified aerodynamic lines and curves.
Everything is aimed at reducing the resistance of the counter air flow: Vered inclined surface of the bonnet, littered back windshield, the domed shape of the roof, gradually rising towards the stern of the glazing line, decorated the rear wings deep vyshtampovki.
Making stern new 2018-2019 Toyota Prius can be called a masterpiece of design: a fantastically beautiful shape tail lights, the original form of the spoiler and tailgate.

Interior 2018-2019 Toyota Prius

interior decoration keeps the original futuristic style of the exterior of the hybrid.
The central part is decorated with a torpedo multifunction instrument panel and the center console can see color touchscreen entertainment and multimedia system.
Just below is located climate control unit controls and some auxiliary functions.

Stylishly decorated transmission control zone on the vertical area located joystick select power setting and transmission, on a floor tunnel provided a place for charging smartphones: just put on his smart phone and its battery charged.
On the front row freely accommodate even tall people, but the second row passengers do not have to complain about the lack of free space.
Perhaps tall passengers will feel the proximity of the roof in the back row – the cause is its domed shape.

Specifications 2018-2019 Toyota Prius

2018-2019 Toyota Prius richly saturated with modern electronic equipment.
As part of that laser radar and video camera, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance systems, blind zones tracking markings and signs, adaptive lighting control.

car 2018-2019 Toyota Prius The movement is carried out with the help of the power plant Hybrid Drive, which included a 1.8-liter petrol engine NIL and an electric motor providing a total capacity of 150 forces.
Torque via electronic variator is transmitted to the front wheels.
Independent suspension: front Macpherson, and the rear semi-dependent (the beam).
All wheels are equipped with disc brakes.
Electric power steering is easier.

Using the new platform has increased body rigidity, reduced size and weight of many nodes.
As a result, the new 2018-2019 Toyota Prius model year can be called modern, well-balanced car, having a sporty character.

Video review of the 2018-2019 Toyota Prius

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