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2018-2019 Toyota Mark X – Right wheel is not a hindrance

In August , 2018-2019 Toyota has officially announced the release of the updated second-generation 2018-2019 Toyota Mark X sedan model year. Restyling timely – model 2018-2019 Toyota Mark X 2nd generation appeared on the market in 2009. In the press, along with general information about the new product first photos and videos updated sedan were distributed.

At home value of the updated 2018-2019 Toyota Mark X – year range from 2,440,000 yen for cars with an initial 203-horsepower engine and front-wheel drive (standard) up to 3.9 million yen for the most complete set packed sedan with an engine 318 horses. In Russia, the price of the 2018-2019 Toyota Mark X in with the production of 2.5-liter engine and rear-wheel drive with the delivery (sale in Moscow) is not less than 1.4 mln. Rubles. Car owners are invited to buy a new car, but the city of 3-5 million km on the roads of Japan.

Very popular, this model enjoys motorists as their homeland, as well as in other Eastern countries – China, Taiwan, and the eastern regions of Russia. The earliest Mark 10 saw the light in 2004, replacing the legendary 2018-2019 Toyota Mark II. Five years later, in 2009, the company released the second generation of the sedan.

In order to get a complete and most realistic picture of the 2018-2019 Toyota Mark X -, (especially motorists western regions of Russia), it is worth noting that this model applies to the European class E and is based on the rear-wheel drive platform (available as an option and complete drive unit). This trolley is used widespread in the Russian market the Lexus the GS .

  • Let’s start with the external dimensions of the body model 2018-2019 Toyota Mark X: length of 4750 mm, width – 1795 mm, height – 1445 mm, the size of the wheelbase – 2850 mm. Ground clearance (clearance) depends on the type of drive for cars with rear wheel drive (2WD) – 155 mm for the sedan with all-wheel drive transmission (4WD) – 150 mm.
  • On the car during assembly on the conveyor is installed tires 215/60 R16 on steel or alloy wheels 16 size. the sedan version with a powerful 3.5-liter engine equipped with tires 235/40 R18 on the stylish alloy wheels with 10-spokes Tew.

Sport sedan version called the 2018-2019 Toyota Mark XG’S suspension lowered by 20 mm is equipped with low-profile tires Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 245/40 R19 in the exclusive forged aluminum disks R19. In sports model aggressive bumper with large air intakes, sill with aerodynamics, a spoiler on the trunk surface. On the rear bumper – large diffuser and ventilation slits on the sides, and just below the two sides – the twin tube sports exhaust system. Sports sedan Mark XG’S menacing looks like a predator ready to pounce on its prey.

As usual 2018-2019 Toyota Mark X, it looks very different – an incredibly refined and stylish. Front imaginatively designed LED Xenon headlights, neatly carved false radiator grille with icon-company logo in the shape of the letter X and chrome inserts. The front bumper has a spoiler and fog, and the air intake has a trapezoid shape. The composition formed radiator grille and the air from the bottom, is very reminiscent of the drawings of the front spindle parts Lexus, although looks not so intrusive and more in harmony with the general appearance of the car.

Hood from Mark X is small, and it is as if hanging over the front fenders – this impression because its edges extremely smoothly flow in a delicately drawn wheel arches niches.

Body 2018-2019 Toyota Mark X has the classic three-volume proportions, as can be seen when looking at the car from the side. The elongated bonnet, enlarged wheel arches, flat roof line, almost invisible bloated sides, massive rear pillars and light on the kind of food.

Behind the sedan Mark 10 is not less attractive than the front: perfectly drawn, the line designed bumper with a diffuser bottom, big and beautiful side lights, a small spoiler on the boot lid. Judging by the photos 2018-2019 Toyota Mark X, provided by the manufacturer, the company produces for its market cars with the appearance, leaving far behind the restyled Lexus GS and Lexus the ES . There are several options for metallic enamel painting car bodies, including black, pearl white, dark red, dark blue, silver and gray.

At 2018-2019 Toyota Mark X is very spacious cabin with a rather strict and solid design, with all the materials in a high-quality interior. The front passenger seat and the driver have a sporty profile with pronounced lateral support cushions and backrests. An interesting feature of the first row of seats, which is particularly pleasant to the Russian motorists – removing the head and down the back seat back can be arranged two full beds in the cabin, the surface of a place to sleep will be perfectly smooth and comfortable.

The steering wheel rim comfortable girth under the right, and the Optitron instrument panel contains two pairs of large and small radii scale devices, located in the wells. The center console with 8-inch color touch screen navigation and multimedia systems, less convenient dual-zone climate-control unit.

A number of rear seat allows to comfortably accommodate two passengers only – Pillow is designed so that the middle of the bulge is located, plus the bottom runs a high transmission tunnel. But since two of them have exactly where to stay: plenty of legroom, nothing does not restrict movement, plenty of space and the height and the width of the cabin. Comfort and convenience provide a comfortable armrest and cupholders complete with adjustable angle backrest and a separate rear window blind electrically as an option.

OPTIONS and equipment for the 2018-2019 Toyota Mark X provided by the Japanese manufacturer a great variety of modestly restrained with cloth upholstery and manual adjustment of the first row of seats, a simple audio system with 6 speakers, to the chic-demonstrative with leather trim interior, electric and heated driver and passenger seats, adjustable electric steering column, keyless entry Smart Key, intelligent parking assistance, an advanced multimedia system with touch-screen and 12-Tew speakers (music, phone, navigation, rear-view camera or camera provides an overview on the sides of the vehicle) and mass of other electronic chips.

The trunk of a sedan Mark X can carry 479 liters of cargo without difficulty, if necessary, back in the back row can be folded down, and thus increase the possibility of cargo luggage. The fuel tank holds 71 ​​liters of gasoline.

Technical characteristics of the updated 2018-2019 Toyota Mark X new generation of sample – year involve the use of a fully independent suspension at the front and rear axle. In front is a double wishbones and rear multi-link system, disc brakes. The steering is controlled with electric power, there are electronic assistants – ABS with VSC, EBD, TR, Pre-Crash Safety System, HillStart Assist Control and Cruise Control. As noted above, the rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive transmission 4WD. But the four-wheel drive is only possible with an initial 203 horsepower engine, automatic sequential gearbox with intelligent 6-Tb transmission (6 Super EST).
Japanese sedan 2018-2019 Toyota Mark X is offered to customers with two petrol engines V6, are equipped with direct fuel injection into the cylinders.

  • Basic – a 2.5-liter (203 hp 243 Nm) model 4GR-FSE.
  • Powerful variant – the 3.5-liter (318 hp 380 Nm) model 2GR-FSE.

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