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2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner – seven-seater “brother” Hilux pickup

Japanese SUV 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner in the summer of begins to be produced at the company, “2018-2019 Toyota Motor Kazakhstan” in Kostanay (until June 17, 1997 Kostanay). The seven-seater 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner – the closest relative of the popular in Russia pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux . Both cars are available with 2005 and also moved together restyled and updated in 2008 and . Our interest in the Fortuner models by 2018-2019 Toyota due to the fact that a full seven-seater SUV with saloon is very popular in the world (sold in 115 countries), characterized by robust design and with an adequate price. In Kazakhstan, the new 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner depending on equipment costs between 39,2-44,5 thousand dollars (approximately 1,344-1,526 mln. Rubles).

That’s just a shame that Russia officially 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner will not be sold … and suddenly, because gray SUV dealers brought to order, so the demand is there? Even more interesting for fans of off-road news – summer will be a presentation of the second generation of the seven-seater frame SUV 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner model year .

  • Let’s start with a new acquaintance for us Japanese SUV 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner sample, with the overall external dimensions of the body: 4705 mm long, 1840 mm wide, 1795 mm high, 2750 mm wheelbase, 220 mm ground clearance (clearance).
  • Track front and rear wheels – 1540 mm with a standard installation tire dimension 265 / 65R17 on alloy 17-inch wheels. Vehicle curb weight 1810-1875 kg, fuel tank of 80 liters.

Carefully looking videos and photos with images of the new 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner we can say with confidence that this is a real man’s car with a solid appearance and classical proportions SUV.
Compact clipped bumpers, minimal overhangs, suitable for off-road 220-year-mm ground clearance, large wheel arches with respectable expanders, large side doors, flat roof line and a solid feed.

Fortuner may seem a bit old-fashioned in the background trendy crossovers with their saccharine for the sake of fashion and aerodynamics of the body, but it called auto faceless and gray do not dare.
The front end with a neat, clipped below the bumper contrast with the organic insertion of unpainted plastic, on which the lower air intake and fog powerful.

Highly placed headlamps with lenses tapering beam floodlights come on the wings. Between the narrow headlights false radiator grille with chrome crossbars ornate and frame. The cover of the engine compartment to the original vyshtampovki, exterior rear-view mirrors of large size with repeaters turns.

The side surface of the five-door station wagon with traditional classical proportions. Large and high plane of the hood, the powerful arches easily located in its open spaces with high profile rubber wheels, large and comfortable doorways, powerful side steps, perfectly flat roofline with a strong C-pillar and the original glazing aft.

Rear looks easy and even air thanks to a large area of ​​glazing, stylish plafonds dimensional light, spoiler above the tailgate glass and compact bumper.

In order to emphasize the solid and stylish image of SUV 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner manufacturer offers for paint finishes only severe enamel colors: White Pearl (white diamond), Silver Metallic (metallic silver), Silky Gold (golden silk), Dark Grey (dark gray), Dark Steel (dark steel) and of black (black).

Salon SUV 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner – with three rows of seats and can accommodate seven passengers in view of the driver. Overall cabin length – 2880 mm, width – 1475 mm, height – 1210 mm. Seats for driver and front passenger with thick padding and a moderate lateral support, a sofa second row hospitable to three passengers and provides a comfortable fit, the stock legroom is sufficient for people with growth of more than 190 cm, but the third row of seats is not as welcome to adult passengers, in the last row of a truly comfortable and convenient to children of school age. Landing on the rear seats as a whole does not cause problems due to folding in the ratio of 40:60 second-row seats, you just pull the lever under the seat on the right side and an armchair, having made the transformation, will open a passage.

Let’s go back to the front of the passenger compartment of the Japanese mid-sized SUV and evaluate the driver’s workplace. Quite a multifunction steering wheel is adjustable, but only in height, trim, stylish and informative Optitron instrument panel, a solid and a few old-fashioned front panel and center console. Interior design is in full compliance with the exterior design: simple, solid and even brutal, and ergonomics at height.

Available in Kazakhstan 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner is available in three trim levels with a single fixed uncontested four-cylinder engine producing 160 forces – Comfort for 39,200 dollars, 41,300 dollars for Elegance and Prestige for 44,500 US dollars.

The basic version of Comfort is equipped with a pretty not bad: tires 265 / 65R17 on alloy wheels (spare wheel the way a full-size, and also on alloy wheels), halogen headlights with manual adjustment of the angle of inclination, fog lights, side steps and mud guards, dressed in chrome false radiator grille and door handles, power mirrors heated, and repeaters of indexes of turns, wheel arch extensions, roof rails, spoiler on the fifth door with an additional stop light, power steering, central locking with remote control, cloth upholstery, a pair of front airbags, the climate control, electric windows on all doors, the information display at the top of the front panel audio system with 6 speakers (AM and FM, CD, USB and AUX, Bluetooth), rear differential lock, ABS, 3rd row seats.

The Elegance version will be added to the multifunction steering wheel and gear box control handle with leather trim inserts under a tree on the steering wheel, gearshift knob and center console.
In the richest complete set Prestige to the above equipment will be added to previous versions of the trim wheel, multimedia system with a color touch screen diagonal of 6.1-inch, rear-view camera and rear tinted windows.

Specifications of the new 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner model year collected in Kazakhstan implies under the hood of only one petrol engine.

  • The four-cylinder 2.7-liter the DOHC (160 hp 241 Nm), which is able to work together with a 5 speed manual (automatic transmission 4), top speed 160 (155) mph.

Suspension is fully independent double wishbone front, four-link rear disc brakes for the front wheels and drum rear, 4WD all-wheel drive system (hard-wheel drive, low range gearing, locking rear differential), power steering.
In some other countries, 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner comes with a more powerful petrol engine are:

  • 4.0-liter V6 (238 hp 376 Nm) in tandem with the automatic transmission 5,

as well as two diesel engines of various sizes:

  • 2.5-liter four-cylinder (144 hp 343 Nm) with 5 manual transmission (automatic transmission 5)
  • 3.0-liter 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner diesel four-cylinder engine (171 hp 360 Nm) with 5 automatic transmission.

Here’s a he a real SUV 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner, solid and stylish, a little, perhaps outdated, but the owners of reviews phenomenally reliable, with amazing off-road performance.

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