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2018-2019 Toyota cut production model FJ Cruiser

The Japanese car manufacturer 2018-2019 Toyota has said that next year, ceases to manufacture FJ Cruiser SUV with left-hand drive vehicles.

The car, which was developed with an eye on the American youth, and going on the platform Prado models in the United States will no longer produce.
The thing is that sales of SUV 2018-2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser in the North American market declined significantly.
If the 56 225 units in 2011-th year, have implemented less than 14,000 models have been sold in 2006-th year.
And the low level of sales fell for 2009 th year, when able to realize all 11 941 copy.
Prototype 2018-2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser, which was positioned as a competitor model Hummer by concern General Motors, was presented in the 2003 th year at the Detroit auto show.
He embodies the style of the first SUV of the Japanese company FJ40 Land Cruiser.
In the European market model is not officially sold, because with his size and appetite fuel gasoline 6-cylinder 4-liter power unit in the popularity of European motorists could not hope.
However, the saying about leaving the SUV with the United States market, the company will likely continue to collect the right-hand drive car modification.
Production of this version FJ Cruiser is engaged in the load compartment 2018-2019 Toyota – the company Hino Motors.
Modification of the right-hand drive vehicles enjoy good demand in New Zealand and Australia.

Note that in the Australian market implementation SUV 2018-2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser has increased by almost 60 percent this year, and this despite the absence of a power line car diesel unit and high gasoline prices.

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