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2018-2019 Toyota Corolla

2018-2019 Toyota Corolla with an updated body – it is a beautiful, dynamic and original car, light and modern.
In the exterior car easily looked through signs superiors models.
In the front – almost the Camry, but the front optics more expressive than that of an older relative.
At the same time, even more solid.

Large taillights subconsciously evoke associations with the more prestigious brand – Lexus.
A good example for inheritance.
First impressions of the design of 2018-2019 Toyota Corolla very positive, but slightly cooled down, it becomes clear that in addition to expressive headlights and rear lights of modernity, nothing to boast, appears before us all the same average “Japanese” with the usual plastics and the lack of design ideas.
Perhaps that is why 2018-2019 Toyota to quickly get used to.

At 2018-2019 Toyota Corolla new 1.6-liter engine, giving out 124 hp
and a new robotised semi-automatic gearbox.
The car rich equipment – ABS, Stability Program, alloy wheels, 7 airbags, there’s even a cushion that protects the driver’s knees.
Before the front passenger glove box 2 comfortable, have a large number of smaller vessels, which put all the travel accessories.
For at least the ergonomics claims.
Fancy some combination of instruments makes it difficult to read some of the indicators, but looks very nice.

The steering wheel and did excellent, he covered with soft leather and fits in the hand comfortably, as if the wheel rally.
The cabin is quite comfortable, the seats are comfortable and offer good lateral support.
The instrument panel consists of four types of plastic.
The steering wheel is adjustable for angle and height.
Luggage compartment capacity from 450 liters Corolla, plus – an opportunity to transform due to the rear seats.
The 2018-2019 Toyota Corolla rideable character of the first violin plays a power unit.

Despite the relatively modest amount, the engine is powerful enough.
Although on paper specifications are pretty modest (124 hp and 157 Nm – propels the car weighing more than 1.2 tonnes up to the first “hundred” only for 12 seconds), in fact, Corolla seems more dynamic.
On pressing the gas pedal the car responds vigorous jerk forward, which increases after the tachometer needle reaches to 3000 rpm.

But the transmission is not impressive, at any rate movements she tries to jump to a higher gear.
Perhaps it saves fuel, but much on your nerves during acceleration.
Japanese experts have traditionally paid special attention to the ride, the car reacts harshly to minor irregularities, but at the same time very good pass more serious holes in the roads.

The steering provides the driver enough feedback in all modes of traffic.
Body roll on bends visible, but they do not go beyond reasonable limits.
Price 2018-2019 Toyota Corolla starts at 600 thousand rubles.

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