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2018-2019 Toyota Alphard MPV

By the end of January year Japanese car manufacturer 2018-2019 Toyota has organized the premiere of his minivan premium Alphard new (third) generation.
Immediately after the opening started selling new products in the domestic market of Japan, and in February there was a car in our country.

Visually, the new car is not exactly like other minivans.
It is made in the original design style, it has an expressive appearance and absolutely imperfect proportions.

Massive grill falshradiatora copied from Lexus cars, a huge front bumper, front full LED optics with inserts daytime running lights that resemble Latin letters «J», underline the brutal appearance and dynamics of the machine.

Especially expensive and thoroughly minivan 2018-2019 Toyota Alphard model year is seen in profile, which is facilitated by tilted in the opposite side of the central roof pillars and the missing rear pillars.

And completes the image of an original Japanese news massive aft part with a very interesting form of the rear lights.
Unusual appearance reflected in the overall dimensions of a minivan 2018-2019 Toyota Alfard.

If the length of the car is almost 5 meters – 451.4 cm, its width and height are only 185 and 188 centimeters respectively.
The distance between the axes of the 2018-2019 Toyota Alphard rests on the mark exactly 300 centimeters, and the clearance height of the Japanese novelty does not exceed 16 centimeters.

The vehicle interior is made in the corporate style of the Japanese automaker.
Cute dashboard differs high level of information content and a large center console looks expensive and modern, with plenty on it no buttons, everything is done in moderation.

The console is crowned by a large color screen multimedia system, and are located just below the control units music system and air conditioner.

Premium status is underlined 2018-2019 Toyota Alfard finishing of the highest quality materials, among which we mention expensive plastic soft, natural leather of different textures and decorative trim of brushed aluminum and real wood.

Naturally, all the elements interior neatly fit and clearances between them is minimal.
One of the main advantages of a minivan 2018-2019 Toyota Alphard is a carefully thought-out layout of the interior space.

Inside, the Japanese car can accommodate 7 adults (with a driver), while the first seat and the central rows of individual and back sofa designed for three passengers.

Chairs of the two front rows got electric adjustment, adjustment in the longitudinal direction (up to 116-five centimeters) and additional sections to rest the legs.
As for the back of the sofa, then there is enough free space in any direction.

For the new 2018-2019 Toyota Alfard provides nine different variants of interior transformation.
In addition, if the level the rear seats flush with the floor, then turns solid luggage compartment with a useful volume of 1900 liters.

On the territory of our country minivan 2018-2019 Toyota Alphard is only offered with a single power unit.
This 6-cylinder V-Series engine 2GR-FE with a working volume of 3.5 liters.
Its power reaches the 275-year-horsepower and maximum torque is about 340 Newton-meters.

In a couple of the motor receives an automatic 6-speed gearbox.
Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h in a very heavy car takes about 8.3 seconds, and top speed reaches 200 kilometers per hour.

In urban driving conditions, the fuel consumption of Japanese cars is 14.3 liters, the country consumes about 8.3 liters, and in combined cycle of about 10.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.
In our country, the novelty is available only in front-wheel drive version.

Note that in other markets the new 2018-2019 Toyota Alphard model year is also presented with a 4-cylinder 2.5-liter unit series 2AR-FE function with variable valve timing (inlet and exhaust).

This engine produces about 182’s horsepower and about 235-minute Newton meters of maximum torque.
It is paired with a stepless variator CVT.
There may be a front-wheel drive or full.

There is a range of motor minivan 2018-2019 Toyota Alfard 2015 and a hybrid propulsion system (also available in Russian).
Its structure includes a gasoline engine series 2AR-FXE (running on the Atkinson cycle) volume of 2.5 liters and output of 152 horsepower (206 Newton meters), as well as two electric motors – 143 hp (270 Newton meters) to the front axis and 68-horsepower (139 Nm) – to the rear.

Thus, the car is implemented AWD system (E-Four).
The hybrid propulsion system is equipped with an automatic 6-band transmission and battery unit.

New 2018-2019 Toyota Alphard had fully independent suspension.
In front of the traditional spring-mounted rack type “McPherson”, while the rear is multilink design.
The machine is equipped with disc brakes on all wheels (front with ventilation function), which are complemented by electronic EBD and ABS systems.

As mentioned above, the territory of the Russian minivan 2018-2019 Toyota Alphard is offered only with a 3.5-liter power unit.
The cost of such a car in the base case equipment “Prestige” is at least 2.998 million rubles.

This complete set of the Japanese automaker has included 16-inch wheel disks, front optics entirely on LED elements, electric drives for side doors and tailgate, three-zone climate control, air ionizer, multimedia system with touch-9-inch screen, display the first row of seats and a a number of other useful features.

For 2018-2019 Toyota Alphard minivan in the mid-range “Prestige +” Russian motorists have to shell out not less than 3,393,000 rubles, and the cost of the most luxurious version of “Lux” is 3.493 million Russian rubles.

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