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2018-2019 Tesla Model S – an unusual electric car

Premium electric car 2018-2019 Tesla Model S model year – a symbiosis of high-tech, stylish appearance, sports character and high cost. Driven by electricity five-door hatchback 2018-2019 Tesla Model S from the American company 2018-2019 Tesla Motors, depending on the power generated by the traction battery (offered three options) in Russia is from 111.5 to 152.4 thousand US dollars, and this does not include the cost of additional options. In America, the price of the 2018-2019 Tesla Model C is 74570-105670 dollars after buying an electric car owner receives 7500 American money as a subsidy from the state.

Hatchback 2018-2019 Tesla Model S car is an extraordinary, unique and multi-faceted. Our review will try to uncover the many facets of the electric vehicle and will begin traditionally with appearance and indicate the dimensions of the body 2018-2019 Tesla Model S: electric car in length – 4978 mm, width – 2189 mm (with rear-view folded mirrors – 1963 mm), height – 1435 mm wheelbase – 2959 mm. Front track – 1661 mm, rear track – 1699 mm ground clearance – 145 mm with standard suspension, when you install the optional air suspension variable ground clearance in the range of 119-192 mm.

  • Fitted as standard tires Goodyear Eagle size 245 / 45R19 on alloy aluminum rims 19th the size of the optional features aerodynamic wheels R19 and R21 luxury wheels with low profile tires Continental Extreme Contact 245 / 35R21.

In the study of body 2018-2019 Tesla Model S on the photo and video it seems that this is a premium and powerful sports car, developed in one of the Italian automotive design studios. But in fact the American car manufacturer, created through the efforts of the design team led by Franz von Holtshauzenom previously labor in Japan the Mazda, but still not be equipped with a conventional internal combustion engine and a three-phase induction motor (the most powerful version of the 2018-2019 Tesla Model S P85D with two electric motors).

The design of the exterior body of the American electric vehicle captivates graceful lines, originality and total decisions charisma car. Auto Body organically blend into a chic designer bouquet flowing lines and expressive vyshtampovki, smooth surface alternating with bursts of waves.

The front part of the body with narrowed headlamps (Xenon, LED daytime running lights), oval psevdofalshradiatornoy lattice, neat bumper air intake with a compact and stylish foglights. Powerful bonnet surface with bright relief ribs, wings chic, elegant mirrors.

Profile Body is fantastic – light and airy front, solid and powerful feed. Side door of the original form with a retractable handle, a perfect dome roof, stylish radius of the wheel arches, pompous rear of the vehicle.

Feed at least extravagant, attractive and stylish. Powerful bloatedness rear wings, neat marker lights (LED filling), a solid bumper.
The bright colors of enamel provide even more attractive hatchback electric 2018-2019 Tesla Model S. The basic colors white and black, for a fee of $ 750 – silver, blue, green, brown or gray, and for the most stylish pearl white and bright red already have to pay 1500 dollars.
You can also order a spoiler on the cover of the rear tailgate ugrevodorodnogo fiber, a panoramic glass roof with sunroof and LED fog lights.

Centre 2018-2019 Tesla Model S , the standard accommodates five adults, but two additional child seat, installed in the rear luggage compartment can be ordered if desired. In the electric vehicle, by the way, two luggage, the front is able to take 150 liters of cargo, and back nearly 750 liters in the standard position of the second row seats, fold the rear if we get the fantastic 1800 liters.

Well welcome to the shop … and immediately open mouthed, as in the center console-mounted 17-inch !!! color touch screen that is responsible for the management and configuration of all functions of the car. 17-inch touchscreen is responsible for the media (connection via Bluetooth or USB), climate control, and telephone, will provide a picture of a rearview camera and navigation, will help open the door and adjust the seat, turn on the lights and heated seats, will provide access to the Internet and wi- fi, inform about energy consumption, facilitate in the steering and suspension settings.

Before the driver mnogofunktsioanalnaya digital instrument panel, also affects the amount of available information, and to some extent duplicate the picture from the Home screen. But if such an advanced instrument panel is no surprise, then the presence of the huge tablet in the car – a class. This gadget is convenient to use, and you can not clock out of the car, but do not forget that powered electronics, of course, also electricity, and can empty the battery.

Chairs of the first row to the anatomical profile of the backrest, pronounced ridges of lateral support and cushion the optimal length, will provide comfortable accommodation for driver and front passenger seats with a margin in all directions – 1,085 mm Foot, 1465 mm in width of the cabin at shoulder height, 985 mm distance from the pillows chairs to the ceiling.

In the second row is not so freely as front. Legroom is more than enough – 899 mm, but the space above his head in short supply just 896 mm, all the fault of the domed roof.

As standard equipment the US electric car 2018-2019 Tesla Model S has the presence of the front seats with the adjustment drive in the 12 areas with the memory of the provisions setting and heating, keyless access to the interior, dual zone climate control, cruise control, electric tailgate, windows and exterior mirrors heated and auto-folding function, LED background interior lighting, an advanced 17-inch touch screen, sound system (radio, MP3, AAC, MP4, USB 7-NIL speakers), 8 Mew airbags, ABS, Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control … leather trim, inlays in wood. As an option, leather Nappa, carbon fiber inserts.

Specifications 2018-2019 Tesla Model S, that’s where the fantasy. Body electric vehicle has a high torsional rigidity and bending due to extensive use of high-strength steel and aluminum in the suspension is also widely used winged metal. Architecture independent suspension: front – double wishbone, rear mnogoryichazhka used coil springs and shock absorbers, power steering electric brakes on all wheels disc front with disc diameter of 355 mm, rear – 365 mm, in the presence of an electronic parking brake, for a fee proposed air suspension.

2018-2019 Tesla Model S electric rear-wheel drive (the most powerful version – all-wheel drive with two electric motors), is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, AC three-phase AC motor, the gearbox as a single-stage gearbox and is available in three versions, differing capacity batteries.

  • 2018-2019 Tesla Model S 60 (60 kWh) power of 380 hp, the dynamics of acceleration to 100 kmh in 5.9 seconds, top speed of 192 mph, range of 330 km.
  • 2018-2019 Tesla Model S 85 (85 kWh) output of 380 hp, the dynamics to the first hundred in 5.4 seconds, top speed 224 mph, range of 425 km.
  • 2018-2019 Tesla Model S P85D (85 kWh DuaL Motor) power generated 691 hp, hurricane dynamics of up to 100 kmh in 3.2 seconds, top speed 248 km (electronically limited) range – 400 km.

To recharge the electric vehicle in the US Russian conditions necessary to install a powerful 32-ampere line grounding (220V), the process takes a few hours. The manufacturer gives the 8-year warranty on the battery and on the reliability of the electric vehicle in winter conditions eloquent success of the model in one of the coldest countries in Europe Norway.
Most interestingly, the US electric car differs phenomenal handling, high stability behavior at high speeds, excellent helm. But on the dynamic and impressive speed characteristics we reported slightly higher. Dream, not a machine, especially against the background of their electric counterparts. But the price increased too, but you can actually save on fuel. At 100 kilometers must be 20-23 kWh of electric fuel, which in monetary terms is 63-72 rubles, and if only refuel at night, it is much cheaper.

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