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2018-2019 Suzuki will bring to us the Swift 4×4

The Japanese have finally decided to take a bold step: we rides 2018-2019 Suzuki Swift 4×4.
The car is quite a niche for our market, but 2018-2019 Suzuki are committed.
Unique offer in the compact segment, according to company forecasts, decent revive sales.

All good 2018-2019 Suzuki Swift.
Let it rather simple to equip subcompact, and the motor after a long-time restyling was only one 1.2-liter.
But the price is quite attractive, plus looks nice little car, which in this segment is more important than anything else, because the task force commends it on clothes.
Not yet in our market any version of the Swift Sport with an engine capacity of 136 hp, all-wheel drive version of any … And so sold well, and most importantly – stable.
But lately from conservatives 2018-2019 Suzuki went into the dressing.
First, we had announced the same Swift Sport, which in Europe gained fame as the best “lighter” for the budget.
More precisely, not even announced – office promised to think about …
Now there it is official information about the all-wheel drive version of the subcompact – expect the fall in all showrooms of 2018-2019 Suzuki.
By the way, in Europe, this version of the car is not represented, and in our market the previous generation Swift in such equipment sold, but did not enjoy great popularity.
Will the four-wheel drive Swift hit, and again will be on the margins of the market?
Everything will depend on the Japanese themselves and positioning model.
One thing is clear – a model with huge potential, because the presence of excellent chassis, whom is famous for the Swift, four-wheel drive turns into a real drive subcompact car.
Another thing – the price.
Indiscreet appetites have “killed” potential bestseller Kizashi.
What will happen to all-wheel drive Swift?

Recall that now the front-drive hatchback is 569 500 rubles in our market (3 -door version with manual gearbox).
For the “machine” co-payment of 30 000 rubles.
All-wheel drive version, most likely, will be offered a maximum equipment.
Monoprivod in the “top” now costs from 669,500 rubles.

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