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2018-2019 Suzuki Swift 4×4 Outdoor

Japanese automaker 2018-2019 Suzuki introduced the all-wheel drive version of hatchback Swift, which was given the name 4×4 Outdoor.
The vehicle is adapted to the country roads thanks to easy off-road styling and drive to all four wheels.
At the same time the engine remained the same.
New 2018-2019 Suzuki Swift 4×4 Outdoor from “relatives” to distinguish easy – mainly weather-cloth from unpainted plastic.
However, in the case of 2018-2019 Suzuki Swift 4×4 Outdoor it does not have a practical value, it is rather provided as a decorative element.
It is also not yet known whether the increased ground clearance to give the all-wheel drive.
After all, in the name of modifications obvious allusion to the possibility of using the hatchback is asphalt pavement.

In addition to traditional body kit car got painted in black color rack and false radiator grille, as well as the appropriate nameplates – “4×4”.
Producing this vehicle will be only 5 -door version of the body.
If we talk about the power unit, it is for the version with all-wheel drive is offered only one.
This 1.3-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine developing 94 horsepower.
It is equipped with a manual 6 A range gearbox.
While there is no reliable information in which countries and when it 2018-2019 Suzuki Swift 4×4 Outdoor should appear.
However, European dealers have already started to prepare for the beginning of sales.
These missing data the manufacturer has promised to announce in the near future.

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