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2018-2019 Suzuki S-Cross

Conceptual Model S-Cross, which the Japanese company 2018-2019 Suzuki unveiled at the Paris auto show, predicts the appearance of yet another series of compact crossover.
Even despite the fact that the production-ready version has not yet been shown, it has already been identified as possible the arrival of this crossover to our market.
Representatives of the Russian unit 2018-2019 Suzuki reported that the production version of the S-Cross will appear in Russia in late 2013-th year.
Physical concept turned out quite unusual, though emotional, with a large number of new elements.
In particular, this may include a new grille and falshradiatornoy original roof rails, with the roof being in line when not in use.

What specific platform laid the basis for 2018-2019 Suzuki S-Cross, has not yet spoken, but the company said that the production version of the crossover will be able to ensure a high level of functionality and comfort.
Including at the expense of solid luggage compartment of one of the biggest in its segment.
If we talk about the 2018-2019 Suzuki S-Cross size, it turned out a little larger than the last generation SX4 model.
The concept has a length 431 cm and is 16 cm to more than SX4.
The width is also greater by 8.5 cm, but the height is slightly reduced.
Thus, the production version of the concept will get an existing niche in the company’s model range between the off-road brand flagship Grand Vitara and the SX4 same.
Technical Data crossover Japanese automaker has not yet announced, but we know that the 2018-2019 Suzuki S-Cross will get all-wheel drive system is the newest sample.

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