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2018-2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara

2018-2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara – incorporates the best features of Japanese culture, strength and reliability.
Those who are looking at the Grand Vitara with a desire to buy this car, it is often compared with other members of the tribe SUV.
If you are going to get a compact SUV just because it is fashionable, the difference at first glance, is actually invisible.

Outside Grand Vitara has been upgraded so thin that any changes will not find a cursory glance.
Of notable view of innovation can be noted except that slightly adjust the headlights and grille.
More magnificent steel bumpers, due to their overall vehicle length has increased by 3 cm. In addition, the Japanese SUV has got built-in mirrors repeaters of indexes of turns, which became mandatory for modern cars.
In short Grand Vitara looks in the spirit of the times.
The driving position is very well organized.

This is facilitated by the optimal location of the seat, pedals and steering column angle.
Advantageous location of the management bodies is not satisfactory, except that the head restraints and a spare wheel cover of the rear window, but that is the lot of most SUVs.
But the side mirrors provide excellent visibility.
The main technical news is that the 5-door Grand Vitara is now supplied with an upgraded 3-cylinder petrol engine, which amounts to 2.4 liters, and power – 169 hp

This is enough for a compact car, taking into account the current 5-speed manual gearbox.
With such an arsenal of machine just yet blossomed 2018-2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara -. One of the few compact SUVs really able to ride on the road.
Ground clearance is one of the most serious in the classroom – 200 millimeters.

Plus – the permanent four-wheel drive, the ability to lock the center differential and reduction gear.
I am glad that on the asphalt Grand Vitara shows its best side.
Even calmness and relaxation during aggressive driving in the cabin.
Japanese SUV perfectly holds its course, despite the high ground clearance, it did not fail in the corners, there is no delay in the reactions on the steering wheel turns, it has good dynamics and mechanics works perfectly.

In general, the car behaves well in the city and in difficult road conditions 2018-2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara -. A serious machine, reliable and safe.
For sports and recreation, travel and confident movement in the city.
You could even say that it is universal, and that is the argument.

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