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2018-2019 Subaru Legacy

2018-2019 Subaru is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Legacy model.
His company has decided to mark the anniversary of the conclusion on the fifth-generation of the car market.
The design has undergone significant changes and if not for the radiator grille and emblem, it would be difficult to guess what kind of car in front of us.
Outside sedan turned out original, but lacking “subarovskih” traditions.
Powerful wheel arches and sills, he looks like a Honda Accord, a form of racks and rear doors reminiscent of the Infiniti , and the other sees and does match with the BMW .

One of the most notable design details Legacy – huge slanted headlights.
The security benefit – the company said goodbye with a spectacular doors without window frames, which were the original feature of the old 2018-2019 Subaru.
The new Legacy is longer, wider and higher.
wheelbase also increased the size.
This has had an impact on the size of the cabin.
Sitting in front of and above the expanse nebyli hurt, but now the same comfort and provide the rear row passengers.

Three adults can stay here without any problems.
Rear sofa differs convenient form – in just to travel a great distance.
Beauty attracts stylishness, in particular metal inserts on the dashboard, but the plastic feels stiff.
Soft grip only got armrests.
One of the innovations Legacy is an electromechanical parking brake.
Thanks to this system, is gone the usual handbrake, and in its place is located an additional department for things.

The real decoration turned the instrument cluster with white dials and arrows with chrome frame.
Behind the wheel the driver of average height comfortable seat with leather upholstery has the right balance between comfort and lateral support.
Shop at Legacy, of course, I was comfortable.
However, the sedan lacks options, it would be nice to have a touch screen, navigation, rear-view camera or an advanced multimedia system.
But the car is worth more than 1 400 000 rubles for the money the consumer is entitled to more.
The downside is the lack of parking sensors.
At sedan excellent visibility, but the electronic assistance was not excessive, taking into account the size of the car.
trunk capacity grew by 53 liters and now stands at 486 liters.

2018-2019 Subaru has got a system of permanent Symmetrical AWD and boxer 2.5-liter engine that produces 167 hp
This unit is a sign on the old model.
To meet the strict environmental standards of its capacity had to be sacrificed, but the increased torque.
Such a motor is installed stepless CVT chain, which was replaced by the usual “automatic machine”.
In manual mode, you can shift via paddle.

Transmission demonstrates lightness, it is quite fast switches and up and down, and allows you to slow down the engine. The Legacy with this engine too fast will not name, but its capacity is enough for confident driving.
The engine provides smooth linear acceleration in all speed ranges.
Pleases smoothness, soft suspension eliminates the peculiarities of national roads.

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