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2018-2019 Subaru Impreza STi

All work on the 2018-2019 Subaru Impreza STi vehicle carried out in Japan.
Among the Team Orange partners, many companies are ready at any time to provide the necessary components.
The motor for this car was built with the participation of world famous companies JUN.

The basis of the machine taken from the limited edition Spec-C, initially offering the best cross-country, rather than at the usual STi.
To him tightened exhaust manifold, which put the turbine Blitz K3-450R, where the exhaust gases into the atmosphere through the exhaust system Fujitsubo.
Compressed air from the cold part of the snail gets into the ARC intercooler front, adjacent to the radiator of the same company, and then, already chilled, served in a detailed 180 ° factory intake manifold.

To fuel always had enough in the tank appeared pump increased productivity of SARD.
Not superfluous and was made ​​to order JUN Auto Mechanic ignition system that provides the correct fuel mixture combustion and control over the entire engine is carried out using a computer HKS F-Con V Pro, which made ​​it possible to remove from the engine 400 hp

As is known, the main technical requirements for the vehicle to drift – rear-wheel drive.
But what if the rear window of your car is written All Time AWD.
Standard grip is also sent to the trash, replacing it with a reinforced ceramic disc 2 of the ORC.
But the rear wheels is transmitted through a limited-slip differential Cusco 2-wayLSD.
Installed on the bottom of a full set of braces from Cusco, which significantly increases the rigidity of the body.

The standard shock absorbers were replaced legendary racks DG-5 (the company, which was founded by himself Keiichi Tsuchiya) with springs Swift.
Needless to drift anywhere without the right wheels.
Set of different diameter, width and reach forged wheels Blitz Profile 08, supplemented with sports tires Advan Neova AD08.
This has created a stunning appearance.

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