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2018-2019 Smart ForTwo and 2018-2019 Smart ForFour – a new generation of minicars

Super compact hatchback 2018-2019 Smart ForTwo and 2018-2019 Smart ForFour model year are presented in absentia in the global network in the middle of summer, the official world premiere of the urban minicar will be held at the Paris Motor Show in autumn . According to information from the manufacturer launched sales of the new generation of super compact hatchbacks from 2018-2019 Smart in Europe is scheduled for November at a price of 10,900 euros for a double 2018-2019 Smart fort and from 11,600 euros for a four-seater 2018-2019 Smart ForFo. The price for cars with 71 horsepower engine and 5 speed manual.

In Russia, the new 2018-2019 Smartas appear by the end of , motorists will be able to buy new items in the showrooms in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Kursk, Kazan, Syzran, Saratov, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar and Astrakhan, closer to the start of sales will be known and the price .

Concern Daimler created the 2018-2019 Smart and 2018-2019 Smart Four Tu Pho Four years (factory index C453 models) in close cooperation with the French company Renault, the serial product of which was the Renault Twingo 3rd generation .
New miniature city hatchback 2018-2019 Smart For Two For Four and the official photos and video look like toys on four wheels, but … despite his toy in front of us full vehicles with modern engines, transmissions, security systems, services and entertainment. And the cost of under 11 thousand euro can say that if it is a toy, something for adults.

  • External dimensions 2018-2019 Smart ForTwo body (ForFour) , amount: 2690 mm (3490 mm) long, 1660 mm wide, 1550 mm in height, 1873 mm (2494 mm) wheelbase.

Such modest size can bring a smile to the face of motorists, but … hatchback for two – 2018-2019 Smart Fotu can be parked in places where it would seem to put the bike and did not turn out, and turning radius of less than 3.5 meters (2018-2019 Smart ForFo at just over 4 ,3 meters).

Toy seem not only the size of a new-generation 2018-2019 Smart ForTwo and its larger brother, 2018-2019 Smart ForFour, but also the exterior body design, and interior design.
Outwardly, the two mini-car twin brothers with the same design of the front and rear of the body, but different side portions.
The front part of the new 2018-2019 Smart with diamond-shaped headlamps (dipped beam responsible for the LED strip U-shaped configuration), compact hood, a solid bumper, with the mouth of the lower air intake grille and neat falshradiatornoy with large 2018-2019 Smart logo.

Feed hatchback looks even rationally correct and solid, thanks lozenges marker lamps with LEDs, for such a large baby tailgate and bumper weighty, visually enhances the car’s compact dimensions.

In profile, Double 2018-2019 Smart ForTwo looks childish car or capsule on four wheels. Miniature hood, large wheel arches, door long almost the entire body, flat roof line and vertical feed – handsome cars can not be called explicitly.

Quadruple 2018-2019 Smart ForFour is much more like a real car for adults thanks to rear doors that can open to an angle of 85 degrees, the usual proportions of body size and wheelbase.
In general, the new 2018-2019 Smart ForTwo and ForFour 2018-2019 Smart look, on the one hand, it is interesting and unusual, and on the other hand, too much resemble the products of the Chinese automobile industry.

The manufacturer calls the new products design FUN.ctional – bearing exterior pleasure and functionality. So, two in one! We can only add that the basis of the body structure is a capsule Tridion passenger compartment (painted in a contrasting color to the rest) and mounted body panels (hood, front fenders, side doors and tailgate, bumpers). The choice of possible combinations of colors for more than 40 … will have to sweat in buying, is pick up the most stylish color combination.

The interiors of the new two-seater city car 2018-2019 Smart ForTwo and a larger four-brother 2018-2019 Smart ForFour friendly decorated, modern and playful. A two-color solution of interior design, original layout of deflectors ventilation, stylish instrument panel with a large floor radius of the speedometer and the screen on-board computer, a fashionable multifunction steering wheel, convenient location audio system (optional multimedia system with a color touch screen), a stylish and original control unit air conditioner (temperature range for sliding scale magnifying glass).

Shop 2018-2019 Smart Fort, of course, is designed for two people, the driver and passenger. Places enough for people of average height, pleasantly pleased excellent visibility in all directions. The trunk can hold 260 liters of luggage.
Shop 2018-2019 Smart ForFour with two rows of seats, and is ready to take the four crew members from the driver. On the rear with an acceptable level of comfort will be able to accommodate passengers with growth of 180 cm. The luggage compartment can hold behind the back of the second row seats 185 liters by lowering the rear seat backs get the cargo area with the size of 1285 mm in length and 996 mm in width, maximum luggage compartment volume of 975 liters. For transportation of oversized items up to 2200 mm long can be folded and the front passenger seat.

Three different equipment are available for the 2018-2019 Smart ForTwo and 2018-2019 Smart ForFour.
The base is called Passion offers LED low beam, central locking with remote control, immobilizer, cruise control with the possibility of setting speed limits, outside thermometer, monochrome screen on-board computer, electric windows in front, ABS, ASR and ESP, Crosswind Assist (help fight strong side wind gusts).
More expensive version of Prime and can boast the presence of Proxy heating chairs, color 3.5-inch screen on-board computer, leather-trimmed multifunction steering wheel, the audio system JBL.

Specifications 2018-2019 Smart ForTwo and 2018-2019 Smart ForFour , the talk about the use of the front suspension with racks McPherson, rear suspension De Dion and the drive to the rear wheels, as the engine is located above the rear axle under the luggage compartment floor.
For the 2018-2019 Smart ForTwo and ForFour 2018-2019 Smart offer three petrol three-cylinder engine that can be paired with a 5 speed manual or 6-speed gearbox with two clutches Twinamic.

With the start of sales will be available aspirated 1.0-liter engine (71 hp 91 Nm) and a turbocharged 0.9-liter engine (90 hp 135 Nm). Then they will make the company the youngest engine with recoil in 60 forces.

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