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2018-2019 Skoda Rapid Spaceback – Czech new compact hatchback

Auto novelty from 2018-2019 Skoda 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid Spaceback, the official premiere is scheduled for the autumn of on the podium auto show in Frankfurt, Germany, is designed to broaden the audience of buyers of compact cars Czech manufacturer. The new 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid Speysbek – year, in spite of its resemblance to the generalist, is a compact five-door hatchback, however, as the liftback the Rapid of 2018-2019 Skoda , is mistaken for a sedan. 2018-2019 Skoda Marketers in our opinion deliberately make slight confusion in the classification of the bodywork versions of their cars, but sold better and better with the Czech cars from year to year. The secret to the popularity of new 2018-2019 Skoda cars lies in the manufacture of high-quality, proven technical stuffing from Volkswagen parent company and original design. In a word – Simply Clever, that can be paraphrased in the “simple and ingenious.” We offer our readers acquainted with photos and characteristics of a simple and ingenious new 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid Spaceback – year.

2018-2019 Skoda Rapid Speysbek is based on the platform of the five-door liftback Rapid, but unlike soplatformennika a more compact body length. In other words, the overall length of the 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid Spaceback is 4300 mm, which is more than 18 centimeters less than that of the donor platform.

  • The rest of the dimensions remained unchanged and amount to a width of 1706 mm, height 1461 mm, wheelbase 2602 mm ground clearance (clearance) 136 mm. For the CIS countries, the minimum ground clearance is increased to 150 mm, the cars will receive a package “bad roads”.
  • Depending on the trim level car equipped with tires 185/65 R14 or 185/60 R15 on steel disk drives 14-15 range or alloy wheels size 15.

Regarding the exterior design of the new car body performance, named Rapid Spaceback, we want to note that the front and side of the body exactly repeat design looks Rapid liftback with rectangles headlamps, refined false radiator grille, strong bumper supplemented broad smile lower air intake and large foglights. The differences between the models begin only after door edge of the second row.

Feed compact hatchback with a strongly littered with powerful rear roof pillars and, as a consequence, the fifth sloping tailgate. Behind the car demonstrates the corporate identity of the Czech company with strict lines, the original straight vyshtampovki for placing the license plate on the body of a compact five door with a large area of ​​glazing and a neat bumper.

The novelty in his laconic manner and harmoniously united appearance of a hatchback and wagon, and thus a new type of Spaceback body.

Interior of the new 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid Spaceback, the architecture of the front dash, center console, a convenient and comfortable accommodation not only for the driver and front passenger, but also the three second-row occupants are exactly like Liftback 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid. Ergonomics, functionality, quality materials at a high European level.

As an option, a wide variety of options, ranging from the xenon headlamps and light-alloy wheels 16-17 range, ending with a panoramic sunroof and a multimedia system with touch screen.

Here are just a luggage compartment 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid Speysbek due to sheathe decrease overall body length up to 4300 mm uzhalos to 415 liters (at the 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid 550 liters). But when the second row seats folded, the luggage compartment volume is quite acceptable – 1380 liters, which is only 110 liters less than the Liftback 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid.

Traditionally, the Czech manufacturer novelty will be offered in three trim fixed: from modest Active, Ambition to more saturated and rich Elegance.

Technical specifications of the new model compact hatchback 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid Spaceback imply a front independent suspension with MacPherson struts and the rear of semi-torsion beam, electro-mechanical power steering, disc brakes on all wheels with ABS. Same suspension architecture is used on your favorite Russians Volkswagen Polo sedan , third generation Seat Toledo and of course on the 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid liftback.

In the engine compartment of the new 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid Speysbek find place two diesel and four petrol engines.

  • 1.6-liter TDI (90 hp) and 1.6-liter TDI (105 hp) mated to a 5 speed manual. Motors differ modest fuel consumption is the combined time of around 4.5 liters per hundred. 105-strong diesel car can accelerate to 100 km h in 10.4 seconds and provide a top speed of 190 mph.


  • 1.2-liter MPI (75 hp) in tandem with a 5 speed manual;
  • 1.2-liter TFSI (105 hp) mated to a 6 speed manual;
  • The 1.6-liter MPI (105 hp) with 5 speed manual;
  • 1.4-liter the TSI (122 hp) to work with DSG 7 (automatic dual-clutch), the dynamics to the first hundred in 9.5 seconds and a top speed of 206 mph.

Price: start selling 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid Spaceback in Europe is scheduled for October at a price of 13,500 euros. According to preliminary information to buy in Russia new 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid Speysbek as 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid, will be in the summer of .

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