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2018-2019 Skoda Octavia

Octavia – one of the oldest models of 2018-2019 Skoda of the Czech car company.
Fifty years ago this car was created as a family for the people, so it remains to this day.
We Czech cars massively appeared in the 90s, and since then, Octavia name is well known in our country.
The Jubilee 2009 Octavia experienced a profound renovation.
The most noticeable upgrade in the front parts, headlights have grown in size, a different look grille and bumper.

The fog lamps have the function of daylight and side lamps for lighting turns.
At the rear lights to save the form letters C, which was, in its way, the hallmark of the Octavia.
Restrained and slightly strict appearance is not peculiar conservatism, unambiguous reason for the criticism he has not, but the most ardent supporters are unlikely to be added.
Hatchback profile, as in the past, similar to the sedan.
The cabin layout all remained still, only updated some design elements.

Once the car is filled with new options that were available only in more expensive models concern Volkswagen.U 2018-2019 Skoda phenomenal activity to learn from all the latest technological advances of the Germans.
Now updated Octavia on request equip the 7-speed robotised gearbox the DSG, multimedia system with display, pressure sensors in the tires.
The materials with which kontaktiruesh interior, pleasant to the touch and perfectly combined.
The scales on the devices, instead of the former green backlight, got white.
The main trump card – the space and functionality, all the controls are in the right places.

The ergonomics issues 2018-2019 Skoda Octavia is exemplary.
Another proprietary feature bright Octavia – a huge and comfortable boot.
In the hatchback its volume is still 560 liters, and in this figure wagon 20 liters more.
Externally, the Octavia has changed is not so much important updates – this new engines and transmissions.
Engine Displacement has decreased, and their capacity increased.
The line has a new turbo engine 1.4, issuing 122 horsepower.
Consumption in the “hundreds” is held within 7 liters.
Just it copes with his work the famous “folksvagenovsky” engine 1.8 TSI, in combination with the DSG transmission, its 160 “horses” always ready.

Octavia frisky start, the engine picks up already with a half-thousand turns, so overtaking on the track money had to be problems.
Moderately soft suspension does not spoil excessive comfort, but does not disturb the riders while driving irregularities.
She copes with serious potholes, although fast driving on the bumpy road will not want to.
Not bad Czech model and turns, not much body roll and the steering wheel, power driver provides an adequate bond with the road.
And so it should behave the machine, based on the German laid genes.

Evaluating the cars, we are always looking at their flaws, that Octavia put the formidable task ahead of us.
For its class car is very good, especially with the engine turbo 1.8, although a more practical solution would be more modest motor, because this is an instance of more than one million rubles.
And we is not accustomed to such a price tag on the Czech car.

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